12 Unexpected Things I Love About Homeschooling

I love homeschooling. Even when it’s hard – even when it doesn’t look like I wish it did – I love this life.

I enjoy most of the standard things – I like the freedom to choose curriculum that works for us, and I feel truly lucky that I get to spend my days with my kids and that I get to see them learning every day.

But there are some benefits that hit me out of the blue, and lately, I’ve been writing them down.

12 Unexpected Things I Love About Homeschooling

1. I am so grateful that I don’t have to pack lunches every day. I used to have to pack a lunch once a week for co-op, and I’m telling you, it almost killed me. I think I would rather dissect owl pellets on my kitchen able every day for the next year than have to pack daily lunches.

2. I would never be able to manage uniforms. I can barely keep everyone in clean underwear.

3. I think if I had to do homework with my kids, I might need a prescription. 

4. My kids are quirky, and confident, and I worry that if they went to public school, they would encounter some little twerp who would hassle them. But that isn’t the really bad part. The really bad part is I might not be able to keep myself from recreating that scene from Tommy Boy.

5. I love sleep. I love it so much. You know the kind of deep, creepy love two characters in vampire novels have for one another? That’s me and sleep. If I had to wake up at dawn, and function to get kids out the door, I know I would turn into the worst possible version of myself. (Imagine a barking drill sergeant meets one of those balloon people they put up outside of car dealerships.)

6. Speaking of weird combinations, I am a rule follower who also kind of hates authority. I will follow your rules if they make sense. So weird random school rules about candy sales? Nope. Plus with my newspaper background, it would be hard not to copyedit notes sent home in my kids’ backpacks. (And no one like that lady. No one.)

7. I work from home, and according to Gretchen Rubin, I need the accountability of having other people present. Otherwise I am apt to stay in my PJ pants all day watching Super Market Sweep reruns.

8. I really like field trips. And you basically get to go field trips when you are very young and very old. I just don’t know any other 40-year-old people who want to see how a post office works.

9. Yesterday, I went by a grade school at 3:45 p.m. and the traffic patterns alone seemed more confusing than figuring out how to teach 4 years of high school math.

10. I would be dropping off a tuba at least once a week. And before you think I would just be covering for my kid, it would be because there is almost never enough room in my car for children plus a tuba.

11. Probably the biggest source of stress in my life right now is my kid’s orthodontist office and the way they call me Mrs. Anderson and ask me questions like, “Are you letting him bite into sandwiches?” I don’t think I can let my bubble get any bigger than this.

12. Those tests they give kids that mean that are only allowed to read books at certain pre-determined levels might be my undoing. I just envision myself starting petitions and committees, and my family starving while I die on this mountain.

Make a List

The thing is, I could go on for quite a while about why homeschooling works so well for us, but instead, I would encourage you to list out a few of your very favorite reasons.

They are good to keep in mind on the hard days, and will make you grateful the next time you have to pack a lunch and find everyone clean underpants so you can go tour a post office. 

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  • Bethany says:

    Thanks you for some much-needed humor. 100% relatable! You had me at, ” I don’t think I can let my bubble get any bigger than this.” 🙂

  • Krysten says:

    I love the fact that my kids and I are still warm under our covers when the bus rolls by at 6:30.
    I’m also a rule follower who has problems with authority. Why should the schools get to tell me when I can take a vacation?

  • shannon Brown says:

    This was hilarious and so true. I’m with you! I always remind myself that I am doing the schools a favor by not being involved in them. I might have been their worst nightmare! ? Thanks for the post. Now, I am ready to have a great day at home!

  • Vanessa says:

    So true- especially the part about reading at grade level. We despise reading comprehension worksheets. Thank goodness for narration and/or big juicy conversations in homeschool!

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