Your Morning Basket presents

A joyful way to ease into the school year

with our delightful FREE challenge.

Homeschooling isn't about productivity. "Eating your frog" (aka doing the hardest thing) first usually backfires. There is totally a better way!

Give us five days and we can help you baby-step your way to your best homeschool start ever!

The challenge runs August 8-12. Join us today!

With the free challenge you get:


with activity lesson plans you and your kids will love. We will send you 3-5 activities each day. Choose at least one each day to enjoy together.


These short, to-the-point live trainings contain some of our smartest hacks for delightful homeschool days and starting the year well. Don't miss them!


Want to talk to other moms who also looking to bring more delight to their homeschool days? Our off-social media community is a fun and helpful place to be!

The challenge runs August 8-12. Join us today!