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I’ve written before about how much we love our All About Reading and Spelling programs. (We must — we are currently doing four different programs!)

Games with All About ReadingPin.

I have also written about how much we love playing games around here.

So in an effort to add a little spice to reviewing our word cards, we play a version of the game Kaboom with the cards. On the other hand, if you prefer playing other card games, then you can try sites such as 벳엔드.

Kaboom is an easy game to play. First, we take two of the extra green cards that comes in the All About Reading set and write the word “Boom” on the word side. Next, we take all the words we want to review and put them in a stack with the Kaboom cards. If the words are newer we may play with a small set and one Kaboom card.

I set a timer and off we go. We take turns drawing the cards and reading them aloud. I make sure that when I read my card that my son can clearly see the word on the card. If the person drawing the card can’t read it, then the correct word is said and the card goes back in the pile.

When one of us draws a Kaboom, we then have to put all of our cards back in the stack. Once the clock gets down to one minute left, if we get a Kaboom we only put back half of our cards.

We play back and forth until the time runs out and then count our cards. The person with the most cards wins!

My son loves to review his cards this way. For some reason this is so much more fun than just flipping the cards and reading them.

The video below shows us playing a quick game.

More ideas for All About Reading

Another thing we do is turn our card practice into a life-sized board game. We place the cards in a big circle on the floor, roll a die and then walk around the circle. When you land on a word if you can read it, then you keep it.

We keep going around and around until all the words are collected. I usually get a few wrong and see if he can catch my mistakes to even up the score.

All About Reading Activity BundlePinSometimes we use the additional activities from All About Reading. They have some extra games that help switch things up a bit and make review fun. You can even use these for reading practice just to give the program a try.

Fluency sheets, while incredibly important, can also become a bit hard to get through. For these I might mark his stopping point with a colored dot so he knows how far he has to read. I also sometimes alternate reading lines with him, making sure he reads along with me during my turn (looking at paper and following along).

His favorite, though, is when we put a chocolate chip at the end of a section or a row. Chocolate chips are very motivating for reading.

What about you? Do you have any ideas for adding some spice to repetitive practice?