August Goals Update

It’s the middle of the month! (Where has this month gone?!) That means it’s time to update the old goal list. Not too bad, but I must say I am dreading wading through all of that paperwork. I haven’t done that job in years. 

August goals:

  • Finish own version of mother’s rule and put into practice.
  • Finish student folders for past two years. 
  • Purge and re-organize kitchen.
  • Purge and re-organize master bedroom closet.  –  I have one more box and my part is done!
  • Purge and re-organize master bath.
  • Purge and re-organize paperwork.
  • Limit Diet Coke consumption to one-a-day. – This is going pretty well. I fell off the wagon while traveling this weekend, but all other days have been good.
  • Implement new chore charts with kids.
  • Blog three times a week. – Struggling with this one and I so wish I wasn’t!
How are your goals going?



  • Elizabeth says:

    Hmmmm….I typed up my goals and then forgot to post them on my blog (although I’ve been referring to them daily offline). Would it be lame to push the post button halfway through August?

    You’re doing great with your goals…even the diet coke consumption one.

    Are you using Misty’s system of paperless organization? I know you’re using her meal planning. I’m thinking about going paperless as my toddler keeps pulling out all of our files from my file drawer.

    I found it too hard for me to post 3 times a week…I’m still trying to figure out a good routine for blogging.

    • Pam says:

      I did it halfway through June. I still found it pretty motivating. I do have the paperless organization book, but I am finding it is a babystep kind of process for me. And the blogging? Tell me about it!

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