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[ctt link=”cSPe5″ template=”2″]Learning does not have to be about lists of questions, blanks to complete, or bubbles to fill. It can be just children, a masterful storyteller, and a bit of contemplation.[/ctt]

[ctt link=”jk65F” template=”2″]That’s the beauty of Morning Time. It is the time when we can pull out and admire all these glittering gems that might otherwise be lost. [/ctt]

[ctt link=”Er871″ template=”2″]Let’s look at ways we can strike a balance between the pastoral imaginings of Morning Time that you might be enjoying in your head and the reality of your schedule and your children.[/ctt]

[ctt link=”bUSaf” template=”2″]The rewards of getting to spend your days as a family, experiencing the moments when wonder and learning collide, far outweigh the hours spent working and worrying.[/ctt]

[ctt link=”8Re0K” template=”2″]Spending an hour beholding truth, goodness, and beauty is the last thing Satan wants us doing each and every day in our home.[/ctt]

[ctt link=”8jx4T” template=”2″]By constantly lifting our face towards God every day, He becomes part of our everyday life.[/ctt]

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