YMB #63 Transitioning to Morning Time with Older Kids: A Conversation with Cindy West

HS 168: Transitioning to Morning Time with Older Kids Feature

What happens to your morning time as your kids get older? Does it change or do we stop requiring them to attend? Can your teen outgrow Morning Time? These are the questions that Cindy West from Our Journey Westward joins me to answer today. In this episode of the podcast we talk about how the tone of Morning Time changes as your kids get older, how to get their buy in with what you are doing, and what a Morning Time with older kids can look like. Enjoy!Thanks for sharing this Morning Time podcast: Links and resources from today's show: SPONSOR:  Better Homeschool Mornings...

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Creating a Memorable Morning Time in December

December can be particularly difficult for homeschool moms when it comes to planning your Morning Time. In addition to all of our traditional school activities, most of us want to incorporate the beauty and meaning of the Christmas and Advent season into our Morning Time. This takes extra planning and work and it can be tough to find the time. In order to make it a bit easier for you, we have gathered up some ideas to simplify your planning when it comes to your December Morning Time. Ideas for Morning Time in December Morning Time Advent Plans - All the Tools You Need for Your Catholic...

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Planning Christmas School

Last week, I had one of those experiences that made me really grateful for how unexpected life can be. My friend Cait and I talked to a favorite author for The Homeschool Sisters Podcast. Except it was bigger than that - I actually got a chance to talk to someone whose book helped shaped the way I parent and homeschool. I got to ask her a few questions I’ve wondered about since I first picked up her book 12 years ago. And then, we talked holiday stress and pressure. And Katrina Kenison, author of Mitten Strings for God (as well as 3 other beautiful books) assured me that we “don’t have to...

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YMB #62 Personal and Communal Prayer: A Conversation with Christopher and Christine Perrin

The NEW Homeschool Solutions Show

Today we welcome Christopher and Christine Perrin to the podcast to chat about prayer in your homeschool, Morning Time, and personal time. It is a fascinating conversation. Join us as we discuss: How prayer can be both a personal discipline and a corporate practice. What are the best ways to teach and model practice of prayer. Tips for modeling something when we are just learning it ourselves. Different types of prayer and the value of each. Tips for praying the Scriptures. And recommendations of prayers and more to read for moms.   This was a helpful and fascinating conversation I think...

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Hit the reset button with Order and Wonder

Interest Based Learning with Order and Wonder Reading Girl

As the holidays (and the new year!) approach, we homeschoolers are starting to feel a bit of a strain with regards to our learning schedules and really, we’re just all so ready for a break. Many of us take the holidays completely off, depart from our “regularly scheduled programming” to do something fun (like these ideas I shared last year), or take a detour to do something totally holiday-focused, like our family’s Shepherd’s Journey Around the World or Celebrate the Season activities. But even if we don’t deviate from our typical daily school schedules, this time of year is the perfect...

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YMB #61 Morning Time with Teens: A Conversation with Heather Woodie

Today we are joined on the podcast by Heather Woodie of Blog She Wrote, mom of four young adults. Heather has been practicing Morning Time in her family for a number of years, and has seen a shift in the practice as she has graduated two kids and is now left home with two more teens to go. In this episode of the podcast we chat about: how Heather's Morning Time changed has changed over the years. why is Morning Time still a valuable practice in the teen years. what kind of adjustments and challenges a teen-only Morning Time brings. how Heather's role at Morning Time changed as the kids...

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HS 186 The Real Mom Tour Hits the Road with Colleen Kessler and Sarah Mackenzie

HS 186 The Real Mom Tour Hits the Road

Today on the podcast I am joined by my good friends Sarah Mackenzie and Colleen Kessler to chat about our new adventure next year -- the Real Mom Tour with Great Homeschool Conventions. We are so excited to share this new event with homeschool moms all over the country. Join the conversation as we talk about our favorite things about going to the convention, our insider convention stories, and how to get the most from your convention trip. We can't wait to see you there. Links and resources from today's show: SPONSOR: Big Life Journal (Use coupon code pam10 to get 10% off...

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It’s Not a Contest: When Things Feel Hard

It's Not a Contest: When Things Feel Hard

I met a mom yesterday. She has 4 kids - the youngest two are twins. I never had twins, so I turned to my friend Michelle whose twins are now 14.  “Are you having flashbacks?” I asked. She nodded in a way that said yes, and also hinted at a little PTSD that said maybe drop it, so I did. But I’ve been thinking about that mom since yesterday - trying to nurse two children, or do anything to keep them from turning into dueling hurricanes, so her older two kids could finish learning about snakes and hawks and tortoises. This mom … was incredible. Her kids were so well-behaved. And yet,...

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HS 184: The Important Skills Learned from Cooking with Kids with Tiffany Dahle

KIds Baking Book

I don't know about your kids, but mine love to bake. There is something about getting in the kitchen and making a mess while making something yummy that appeals. This summer I had the pleasure of meeting Tiffany Dahle who has a brand new baking book out for kids. My favorite thing about it (other than the gorgeous photos)? It makes things easy. It is written in clear, kid-friendly language. I could totally hand this over to my kids and they will actually learn to bake all the things. On this episode of the podcast Tiffany and I chat about the book, but also many of the...

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Using drawings to help kids remember

Memorizing with Pictures

Pam’s Fall in Love with Morning Time video on using the Memory Palace technique to learn an Emily Bronte poem made me think of how often we use not only images to help remember things, but physical drawings, as well. Missed the Fall in Love with Morning Time event? You can still see all the replays when you get on the waiting list for the Morning Time Subscription. I’ve written a post titled Including Pictures in Memory Work that illustrates just how my daughter Gv has used this strategy over the years. Click on over to see examples of what this looks like in our house. But the really...

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