August Goals Update

It’s the middle of the month! (Where has this month gone?!) That means it’s time to update the old goal list. Not too bad, but I must say I am dreading wading through all of that paperwork. I haven’t done that job in years.  August goals: Finish own version of mother’s rule and put into practice. Finish…

Traveling Daybook

Outside my Window The world is moving by. We are on the road to Birmingham this weekend for Matt’s drill and military ball. Matt got one of those nifty new-fangled gadgets that provides mobile internet to multiple devices, so I am hacking in and stealing enough bandwidth to do this post. Love me some rolling…

August Goals

I have been wiped out all week with a nasty head cold. Don’t you just hate a summer cold? In the meantime, school is in full swing (I am soldiering on.) and the calendar has changed to a new month. So it is time to report on my July goals and make some new ones for August….

Rainy, Rainy Fourth

View from my front door. Happy Independence Day, friends. What’s the weather where you live? Ours is freakish. I mean, there is the rain — and lots of it — but the temperature did not break 80 today. That’s just unheard of for July in these parts. So there were no fireworks and no bar-be-que,…

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