Birding with Kids

Birding with Kids I’ve always liked birds. I mean, they’re nice, fun to listen to, and can even be pretty to look at. But that was as far as my admiration went. I knew a Robin from a Yellow Finch and a Blue Jay; some very common species in my native New York, but I couldn’t tell...

365 Things to Make and Do: Show and Tell #1

There are times when you meet a book and it is life-changing. This is one of those times. While you would think I am talking about the Bible or one of the great works of classical literature, I am not. This time the life-changing tome of which I speak is the humble...

Spring Pastels and Personification

Spring Pastels and Personification What strikes you first about Red Sings from Treetops is the artwork. A whimsical blend of mixed media with playful bits of text integrated into the design, the artwork is a delight. And it subtly points to the other star of this charming children’s book —...
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