PinIntroducing a new bi-monthly feature here at Everyday Snapshots!

Ever feel like you need your own tech advisor to provide help in your homeschooling or even just your life? It’s Tech Thursday to the rescue! Two Thursdays a month, I will be exploring tech topics, offering tutorials and reviews on gadgets to make your homeschooling and home run more smoothly.

I have to be honest, the Tech Thursday tip for this week is a bit gratuitous. One of my bloggy goals for the new year (other than to provide more helpful and relevant information) is to encourage community here at Everyday Snapshots. I want to dust the cobwebs off the old comment box and have some conversations with — YOU!

To help that out, I have installed an entirely new commenting system from Intense Debate that allows me to offer a few helpful and fun upgrades over the old Blogger system. In this Tech Thursday I wanted to introduce you to a few of those helpful things.

Things to Know About Intense Debate

1. The first thing to know is that the Intense Debate commenting system is only live on posts that had no comments before it was installed this December. Any post before that times still shows the old Blogger system, because I did not want to lose the old comments. So if you see a post that looks like this:

that is the old Blogger system and these things don’t apply.

2. Ok, this is one of the number one reasons I installed Intense Debate, and I notice a number of you are not using this little feature, so I wanted to point it out. See this little box here:

This is CommentLuv. When you leave a comment, enter your URL and you will have options to include one of your most recent posts to link up right there in the combox. See? Instant community. You visit me; I visit you and hopefully other readers do as well. It’s a win-win-win.

3. Intense Debate lets you follow along. You can follow the entire comment thread or only follow responses to your own comment by using the pull down menu to choose your favorite option. Once subscribed any responses will come directly to your email and you won’t miss a thing.

4. Ever post a comment on a blog and as soon as you hit the little button you realize that you misspelled a word? Or is that just me? If it’s you too, I wanted to let you know that if you click this button then you have the option to spell check your comments. Just in case you spell, or type, like I do.

5. Finally, I turned on the emoticons. Because I always walk around winking and sticking my tongue out at the same time, and I couldn’t bear not to be able to do it in my comments. Nothing says community like a little wink, eh? Access the popup box here and wink away. I’ll probably wink back.

So go ahead and give it a try below. Leave me a comment and let me know what topics you would like to see covered on Tech Thursday. I’ll comment back, and if I have a any knowledge on it at all, I’ll add your topic to my list of ideas. And hey, welcome to the community.