Easy Enrichment Activities For Your Homeschool

Imagine a homeschool day where your kids are eager to get started. They are asking you what they will be doing for school that day, and as you are going throughout your day, they are actually looking forward to the next thing… the next activity… and the next day. 

Your days are always different, yet they’re structured, and it isn’t stressful or hard for you.

This can be possible when you include enrichment subjects in your homeschool. 

Enrichment in your homeschool

What is Enrichment?

Enrichment includes subjects like Music, Art, Physical Education, & STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math). 

Enrichment subjects are fun, hands-on, and engaging. They bring life to your homeschool by giving your children the opportunity to explore their own interests, learn new skills, and develop their creativity. They take the pressure off and help your children learn in a relaxed environment.

Subjects like music, art, STEM, physical education, foreign language, nature study and poetry tea time are all areas that bring delight, add meaningful learning, and even teach more than you realize. 

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Enrichment Classes Can Change Your Homeschool

Do you ever feel like you have to work too hard just to include the core subjects in your homeschool? Have you ever felt like a taskmaster trying to get your kids to finish their math and grammar lessons? 

It can be exhausting.

If you’re like most homeschooling parents I know, you want to include the enrichment subjects, but it’s hard for you to imagine adding anything else into your already packed days.

But here’s the reality. Enrichment subjects are actually essential to your homeschool. Here are a few benefits:

  1. They breathe life and delight into your homeschool.
  2. Enrichment classes teach higher order thinking skills.
  3. They can teach important life skills such as teamwork, problem-solving, and communication.
  4. They provide a break from traditional academic subjects and allow for creativity and self-expression.
  5. Enrichment classes can help structure your day to flow more smoothly.

The enrichment subjects balance out your children’s learning so it becomes fun, meaningful, and full of positive memories. 

The best part is, you can do it without stress.

Don’t underestimate the value of enrichment classes in your homeschool! Incorporating them into your curriculum will bring delight and enrichment to your children’s education.

Enrichment in your homeschool

Enrichment Adds Delight

As Pam and I were chatting she said, “This is why I started doing morning baskets years ago. I felt like I was just checking the boxes of the subjects we had to do when there was never any time for those enrichment subjects. Bringing those in really breathed new life into my homeschool and made us happier people.”  It’s so true. Enrichment adds delight, breathes life, and makes you happier! 

Sometimes it’s doing a little bit more of the things that matter and bring delight that will help everything go more smoothly and help those core subjects be even easier.

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Enrichment Subjects Teach More Than You Think 

When we engage in higher order thinking, we strengthen the learning in that subject area, but it also has an effect on all other subjects as well. 

For example, in music class we might be creating a new song. We apply past knowledge to new situations, analyze the music, and create something new. 

Those skills of applying, analyzing and creating are invaluable to all areas of learning. 

Higher order thinking skills help your kids make connections between different ideas, understand how their learning applies to real life, and help them see the world in a new way.

Enrichment in your homeschool 

Adding Enrichment To Your Homeschool

So how do we get these subjects in? How can we use the enrichment subjects to help us and not just be “one more thing” we are trying to add? 

One way is to use the enrichment classes as brain breaks.

Transitions are hard for homeschool moms. How do you give your kids a break without losing them for the day? Is it better to just power through the school day?

By using enrichment as brain breaks, your children will still be engaged in highly educational lessons, but they will be using the creative side of their brains to participate in low-pressure and fun activities.  These breaks feel like breaks, but they aren’t really a break. 

Sounds great, right? 

How do you include these classes without being an expert in the areas? Many of us look online for lesson ideas or search our local areas for opportunities outside the home. There is another way.

Virtual Enrichment for Homeschool Families

The easiest way to get high-quality teaching in your home is through virtual enrichment classes!  Your family can participate in a single class, live memberships, or pre-recorded and self-paced courses. These all have advantages and disadvantages based on what works best for your family.

Enrichment in your homeschool

At The Hands-on Homeschool we have designed a platform where our expert teachers have created high quality, engaging lessons for Music, Art, STEM & PE. 

These lessons are low-stress and ready to go for your whole family. Everything is  available on-demand and flexible to your schedule. 

With everything in one place you will always be able to easily add engaging  learning into your homeschool.

If you’re looking to bring rich, meaningful learning into your homeschool, then don’t neglect the enrichment subjects! They are just as important as the core subjects. Not only will these classes teach your children valuable new skills, but your whole family will benefit with the addition of fun classes that will create long lasting memories.

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