This Is Your Year to Attend GHC!

You’ve heard me talk about Great Homeschool Conventions. You’ve seen my posts about how to get the most out of your experience at GHC. You’ve scrolled past my downloads, my pictures, my videos, all waxing poetic about how much I enjoy homeschool convention season. This year, it’s time for you to join me.

If you have never attended a GHC event, you have no idea what you’re missing.

I know it can seem like a lot of work to get to an event near you. I know it’s not always easy to get away from home for a few days. But I also know that attending GHC will impact and empower you, and this is the year for you to start coming!

I’ll Be Speaking – A Lot

This year, GHC is investing into home educating mothers with the Real Mom Tour, a Thursday night moms-only event featuring myself and my dear friends Sarah Mackenzie and Colleen Kessler. If you haven’t already listened to us chat about it on my podcast, go listen to it and get a sneak peek of what to expect!


In addition to the Real Mom Tour, I’ll be speaking several times throughout the weekend. Check out my workshops, and take a peek at the other speakers to start getting an idea of just how much you can soak up during a GHC weekend.

I’ll Help You Prep

You know I don’t go into anything without a plan, and after all these years of attending and speaking at GHC events, I’ve got it all figured out and typed up for you.

Go listen to this episode of the podcast where Dawn and I discuss all things GHC, or watch my Facebook live video covering how to thrive at a homeschool convention. I’ve also got this handy guide to getting the most out of your homeschool convention experience.

And you obviously can’t attend GHC without your convention binder, which I have already helped you piece together!


Anything you could need to know in order to prepare for GHC, I’ve already covered – all you have to do is register and come ready to enjoy yourself. Be sure to use the code MORNING2020 to receive $10 off your registration fee before January 31st!

I’ll Get to Meet You – and You’ll Get to Meet Others

I always love getting to meet with so many of you during Great Homeschool Conventions events. Over the years that I’ve been privileged to be a GHC speaker, I’ve gotten to chat with you, hug you, smile and share with you. Getting to connect with you so many of you in person is always one of the highlights of convention season.

Watching as other homeschool families meet and engage with one another is even more wonderful, though.


Too often we can tend to isolate ourselves, either due to introversion, intimidation, or just fatigue. Being able to find other families, other moms, who are local to us and share in the same lifestyle, struggles, styles, or methods is so very valuable to the homeschooling mom. GHC is the perfect opportunity to expand your circle a little, widen your tribe, and find more support on this homeschool journey.

Between all that you can get out of a weekend at GHC and all of the legwork I’ve done to make it as seamless and successful as possible, you can’t go wrong with attending. There’s shopping, socializing, sharing, and soaking in all of the impactful workshops, but really the most important reason to attend is you.

This is your chance to pour into yourself, to be poured into by others. This is your chance to be encouraged and refreshed. This is your chance for a quick trip and weekend away in order to strengthen your homeschool and your heart.

This is your year to finally attend GHC.

Use the code MORNING2020 before January 31 for $10 off a full family or individual convention registration. 




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    Yay! Just bought my ticket for GHC Greenville! Can’t wait! I got the Real Mom’s Tour ticket also! WooHoo! See you soon!

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