I Said Yes!

If you are wondering what all of the fuss is over a three-letter-word, then start here.

Ah what a week. Things have just been out of sorts here lately. Or I have been out of sorts. I am hoping to get back to my productive self soon. And it all honesty I haven’t thought much about saying yes, but I have done it. This week I said yes to having friends over for an impromptu play date, hot chocolate for the whole crew, and painting with the big paints (poster paints, not watercolors, which for some reason are the “little” paints).

Have you said yes this week? If so, I can’t wait to hear how. Add your “Yes” story to the comments if you do not have a blog, or put your link in the comments and snag the above graphic if you want. Please post a link back to this post if you participate. I would love to see all the ways we can think of to say yes to our kids each week. Join me?