God Gave us Heaven Homeschool Picture Book And Activities

As part of our 31 Picture Books For Homeschooling All Ages series, we have chosen kids’ books with vivid language, interesting stories and striking artwork to appeal to every person in your family. God Gave Us Heaven is one of our favorites!

Our book posts also include a few activities — some simple, some more involved — for your entire family to enjoy together. Or not! Reading the book is enough in itself if that is all you want to do.

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Snuggle up and enjoy a picture book or two together as a family. It may be the highlight of your day.

God Gave Us Heaven Picture Book Details

PinBook: God Gave Us Heaven

Author: Lisa Tawn Bergren

Illustrator: Laura J. Bryant

God Gave Us Heaven

Children are naturally curious. And, many times, their curiosity catches us off guard. I have been left stammering more often than I would like, cooking dinner and trying to process the very complex, spiritual questions my children somehow manage to come up with.

That is why I love God Gave Us Heaven. It seemed to answer so many questions in such a simple way. Because, although my children ask complex questions, they are often not ready to understand complex answers.

A little polar bear has a simple conversation with his dad throughout the day. All the good questions are asked. What will we do there? Will I be old when I get there? And the most important, How do I get there?

The pictures are wonderful and help the story along. Mostly I love this book because it gives great starting points for a ordered discussion while I am not distracted with say sharp knives or the possibility of burning dinner.

This is also a book that can be helpful if a child experiences the loss of a loved one. Death and dying are mentioned briefly. Mostly the message is full of hope. Heaven is wonderful because God is wonderful.

God Gave Us Heaven Homeschool Activities

Death, dying and heaven can be very abstract for children. Bellow are a few resources and ideas on how to talk to your children about heaven.

As a final note, I would like to give you a few quotes I have found helpful when talking to my children about heaven and dying.

“Will I have (insert desired item here) in heaven?”

We know that God will provide all our needs. So, if we need it, we will have it in heaven.

“Will (insert name of individual who may or may not have been a believer) be in heaven too?

Sometimes we do not know, but heaven is a place for people who believe in God.

How do you talk to your children about God? What resources have you found helpful?

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  • Mandy says:

    Thanks for this fantastic review and explanation! I’ve been eyeing this book for my kids but haven’t made it to the bookstore to check it out yet. It’s already on my Christmas list for our “25 books of Christmas”. Can’t wait! My kids always ask if God will have their iPads…when we told them basically what you’d written…God will provide you with what you need….they interpreted that as God having the biggest iPad with every single app on it 🙂 Love their innocence. For whatever reason, they find comfort in believing their iPads will be there-ha!

    Looking forward to rest of your series!

    • Jessica Lawton says:

      So glad you enjoyed it! I love the ipad story. It is funny what kids will think of! 🙂 Hope they enjoy this book for Christmas!

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