Learn to Write Numbers: Four and Five

This activity is part of my Learn to Write Numbers resources. Be sure to click over to get all the fun printables and ideas.

Back-to-school time!!! For us it was back to homeschool this past week and boy have we been busy. But we have gotten off to a fantastic start.

I can tell by the ads on TV that the entire country — homeschooled, public, and private are all gearing up for back to school adventures. So there is no better time to roll out the remainder of the learn to write numbers printables. Today we have four and five.

Four and Five of Learn to Write Numbers Printables

Don’t forget that there are two versions of the printables. The “tracer” version has a number on lines for your older child (late K and up or good fine-motor skills) to trace. The “preschool” version is for any kid (at any age) who is not quite ready to fit the numbers between the lines, but still very interested in learning how to form them.

If you want an even larger copy of the numbers for practice you can get two more sizes on the original learn to write numbers post.

You can download the learn to write numbers four tracer version here.

Four Tracer Learn to Write Numbers

You can download the learn to write numbers four preschool version here.

Four Preschool Learn to Write Numbers

You can download the learn to write numbers five tracer version here.

Five Tracer Learn to Write Numbers

You can download the learn to write numbers five preschool version here.

 Five Preschool Learn to Write Numbers

Learn to write numbers and save paper too!

So what can you do if you want to use the worksheets to let your little one practice, but you don’t want to print them over and over? To save paper you can slip the pages into a page protector or one of these Write and Wipe sleeves. Little ones can then practice numbers over and over again without draining your printer ink.

Our favorite pens are the ones with the erasers built into the end. We use them for everything — numbers, math practice, spelling words, and map tracing. It is just so handy to have the eraser right there.

You can often get the fat dry eraser markers for a good price at this time of year. Those are good for little fingers. Finally if you have a leftie, you can try using a dry erase crayon so they are not frustrated by erasing their own work.

When they are ready to practice away from the worksheet, my little guy likes to use our portable dry erase board and just fill it with number after number.

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  • Shira says:

    I don’t homeschool, but I downloaded these for my 4 year old who has already learned the numbers through 5 in kindergarten. This is a good review for the summer.

  • Clare says:

    I love these worksheets – the little poems are so cute and will really help with understanding how to form each number. Great ideas for reusing the work sheets too.

  • Heather says:

    I have downloaded all of the numbers except the 4 & 5 set. It won’t let me click on the link.

  • Doris Vera says:

    Where can I print the 6, 7 and 10?

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