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One of my very favorite sets of free homeschool planner printables is this set of living learning lists. They are by far one of the the most popular downloads ever on Everyday Snapshots, only eclipsed by the ever-popular learn to write numbers printables.
Free homeschool planner printables: Lists to learn without a homeschool curriculum.
I am a long-time fan of the Bravewriter Lifestyle List. I love the ideas in it and how an entire language arts experience can be built on a few rich, real-life routines.

I have often thought, wouldn’t it be amazing to have a list like that for all the subjects? What if instead of following a curriculum all the time, there was a way to help worried moms spread a feast of learning ideas in the home — in addition to using a curriculum or in place of using it.

With a little help from some of the collaborative minds at the Well Trained Mind Forums, we devised this list of printable ideas for math, science, history and geography.

These lists could be used for long periods of time over entire grades or years (the elementary years comes to mind) or for brief periods of time when burnout might be getting everyone down.

Download your free homeschool planner Living Learning Lists

Free Homeschool Planner Math Living Learning List Page. Ideas for learning without a homeschool curriculum.
Here are a just a few of my favorite activities from the lists.


  • Discuss and add questions to the science board for further exploration
  • Subscribe to, view, and discuss a science video- or photo-of-the-day
  • Subscribe to and discuss science magazines of interest
  • Look for and discuss science current events
  • Read biographies of scientists.


  • Chart interesting data — the weather, plant or puppy growth, conduct surveys among family and friends. Graph and discuss the data
  • Add things up at the grocery store, weigh produce/bulk foods, learn to check price per unit
  • Use math with a hobby or project. Design something (bird house? quilt?) Plan materials needed, including amounts. Go to store or check online for prices. Figure out totals based on prices and amount needed. Make it!
  • Jump on trampoline, or in the house or with jump rope, doing times tables. Toss bean bags and you need to say the next number when it is thrown to you. You can do this with skip counting too.


  • Read and discuss a This Day in History book or website each day
  • Ask kids about people or events they want to learn about and add the topic to a “History interest” list
  • Collect articles from newspapers and magazines on current events and add to a scrapbook
  • Study the history of your child’s interest or passions (i.e. history of juggling, coins)
  • Map things interesting to your family

One way to use these ideas is to choose one or two per topic and build it into your morning time routine. Introduce one for a term or year and then move on and introduce another to replace it (if the kids will let you).

If you haven’t already, be sure to subscribe to this site to get a set of free homeschool planner pages. Use them, along with the lists above, to create a homeschool plan perfect for your family this year.



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