Living Liturgy Area of Focus Planner

Better known as step one.

When I started thinking about my attempts at building liturgies in my personal and family lives I knew that I needed some way to focus on the things that I felt were important. Ideas started flying about in my head and it became clear that they needed to go down on paper. I thought and I prayed and finally I realized that most of these ideas fit into four broad categories.

I decided to call these categories my “areas of focus” for this liturgy project. Under each area I brainstormed tangible ways I could bring the faith alive to my family. Those are my “goals” if you will. Areas where I want to start purposefully planning and acting.

My own personal areas of focus are:

  • Prayer
  • Keeping Sunday
  • Education
  • Liturgical Year

While I think my areas of focus are pretty broad and universal, I have no intention of pretending they are the only ones out there. So, in order to help you come up with your own areas and to help me record mine, I have created this handy dandy Area of Focus planning sheet. Notice that there is room for two areas on each sheet and the sheets are not numbered. Feel free to use as few or as many sheets as you want. Work on one area or six. In a few months we will pull them out again and reevaluate.

Simply prayerfully write the area you would like to focus on in the top line and then underneath write a few notes, goals, and ideas. As we complete our monthly planner each month (coming soon!) there will be a spot for you to write in which of these you will be focusing on for the month.

Download your Area of Focus planner here. 

Once yours is completed, if you want to share in a blog post, then feel free to put a link to it in the comments below. I would love to see what everyone is going to focus on in the months to come. If you want to be reminded of what I am working on, you can see them in my original post here.

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  • Elizabeth says:

    YAY!!!! Thank you SO much for doing this! I haven’t been online much these days so this is a sweet surprise. Now, if I can only get myself to sit down and get my comatose blog up and running again. If anything, I will be happily reading what others are doing. Thanks again!

  • I’m excited to be following along with this series! I’m debating if I want to put it out on my blog.

  • S says:

    Ahh! I’m so pumped for this. My only baby is just nine months old and I’ve been giving A LOT of thought as to how to live out our faith at home. And voila. Here you are with the perfect thing to help me out, praise God! Thank you! 🙂

  • Sarah says:

    I’m really excited about this! Now perhaps those goals that just drift around in my brain will actually come to fruition. What I’m MOST excited about is that this is so personalized, so we can all work on areas that we most feel led to work on in our own individual families, yet still come together to encourage each other.. I wrote up my areas of focus and posted them here.

  • Took me awhile to finish up my blog post. I had a hard time posting this out for all to see.

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