Another great month of scrapbooking (but a skinny month of blogging) gone by. This month I completed 19 pages (almost made 20, but watch TV with DH last night instead). The pages above are my challenge pages from May. The top was a self-portrait challenge (neat one, Debbie). The idea for the page just kind of popped into my head and grew from there. Probably one of my favorite pages I have done so far. There is a lot of random journaling on that page, so I hope you can read it when you click to make it bigger.

The bottom spread was from the sketch Debbie sent. I expanded it two facing pages and really liked the way it turned out for last year’s beach vacation photos.

Beach Page Journaling Reads:
Grayton Beach Trip Things to Do
Bury everyone in the sand until every crack and crevice is filled.
Let Olivia play in the waves for the first time.
Help the really pregnant woman down the slick steps.
Shop and have ice cream in Seaside.
Buy Sheep In a Jeep for Olivia.
Practice photography and help Aunt Lori try out the new camera.
Get some family shots.
Eat fried green tomatoes and seafood at Goat Feathers.
Follow the meal with a few video games.
Run out to satisfy a Cheeto craving for the other pregnant woman.

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Pam Barnhill

Pam Barnhill

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