Starting is the hardest part

 Let’s face it. Being consistent in your homeschool takes work. It’s not that you aren’t willing to do the work — instead you just have trouble getting started.

The truth is, you can improve the start of your homeschool day drastically by building a few simple habits — even without waking before the rooster.


What if you had simple routine that guaranteed a successful start to your day — no matter what time you decided to begin.

What if you never had to look around at 10 AM again and wonder why you are still in your PJs, the kids are running wild, and the dog is on the counter drinking from the abandoned cereal bowls?

What if you could create habits that allowed you to homeschool consistently and successfully — eliminating guilt and overwhelm from your vocabulary.


Morning Momentum

A unique online course that meets you exactly where you are.

Inside you will:

+ Discover the times when waking later could be better for your morning productivity (really!)

+ Implement the 12 simple systems that can have the biggest impact on the start of your day. (Hint: none of them include jogging)

+ Create a doable routine that will improve your entire day — not just your mornings.

+ Become a more consistent homeschooler by getting your mornings off to a better start — no matter how early or late you decide to start your day.

+ Dig deep into the stories you tell yourself (and things you say about yourself) that hold you back from making lasting changes.


Momentum starts with “Mom” — let us help you get your homeschool moving in the right direction again.


I was so sick of just surviving and was not ready to accept that all that my homeschool could be was ornery, chaotic, and behind schedule just because my kids were young. I knew that I wanted our mornings to change, but Morning Momentum is the breakthrough that finally gave me the “how.” – Christine B.

We were on constant survival mode with no true sense of direction nor control over our days. Our days were nearly all “winging it” days rather than focused. The course helped me analyze and identify my biggest struggles and start taking the necessary steps to have successful days again. We know what to do each morning when we get up and what to do each night to prepare. It was just the right push we needed to get us heading back in the right direction! – Georgette H.

Here’s What You’ll Find Inside
(Besides More Peace & Productivity)

Four videos each presenting three simple systems that will help you make progress toward the habits you need to get your homeschool day off to the best start.

Six weekly mindset audios that help you dig deep into the mental hang-ups that are holding you back from making lasting change. This might just be the kick in the pants that makes 2020 the year your resolutions stick!

Six weeks of daily texts reminding you to stay on task and check your attitude along with weekly accountability check-ins and the chance to win prizes for completing the program.

Mentoring in our private forums to help you troubleshoot your consistency challenges. Get your questions answered and suggestions for your unique problems.


The course is now closed. Join the waitlist to be notified when it opens.


This course looks an awful lot like Put Your Mornings on Autopilot. Do I need it if I own that one?

Great eye and great question! Yes, this course is a upgraded version of Mornings on Autopilot. What is the same: The habits you build in the course are exactly the same as MOA. We will be learning the same essential habits with much of the same habit content. Here is what is different: we have moved things around and stretched out the pacing a little bit; we have added four mindset audios to the habits to help with the mental roadblocks and self-talk that might be holding you back; this course will be run live with daily texts, accountability, and the opportunity to win prizes plus discussion in the community. If you have any other questions, please reach out to

How is this course like the Homeschool Consistency Boot Camp?

We have retired the Homeschool Consistency Boot Camp. If you purchased that one in the past we have pulled some of the fabulous mindset material from that course into this one, so there will be some repeat material (Motivation and Willpower, Grace Vs. Excuses, etc.). This course also has a similar structure in that there is daily accountability via texts, check-ins, and the chance to win prizes. There is a ton of great morning content included in this course that is not in the Boot Camp. If you have any other questions, please reach out to

What happens after I check out?

You will receive an email confirming your purchase and containing important dates for the course. A few days before the course begins you will get an email reminder to get ready with instructions on how to sign up for texts and the community. Each week during the course you will get an email sending you to the course page and the community for that week’s content. If you have any problems, email for assistance.

What if the course doesn't work for me?

Other than me coming to your house and prodding you out of bed each morning with a cattle prod there is nothing I can do to guarantee your mornings will get better. What I do know is that if you are willing to do the baby steps this course outlines, without giving up, then you WILL succeed. Since you have lifetime access if you ever fall back into bad habits you can simply start at the beginning and work your way through the course material again. With our 14-day money back guarantee you can try it and have nothing to lose.

Does the course contain Christian content?

No. While I am Christian, the course has no Christian content. The community is inclusive but the majority of members are Christian and their posts do reflect their faith. Members of all faiths, or no faith at all, are welcome. (Note: The two bonus lessons do contain Christian content.)

Will I always have access to the course content?

Yes, you will always have access to all of the course content. You can come back to them and redo the course self-paced whenever you wish. The only thing missing will be the live component. When we run the course live (two-three times a year) you will get a chance to join again with a discounted coupon code.

Have more questions?

If you have another question that has not been answered here, email us at We will be happy to help you out.


Try the course with us for 14-days. If you’re not 100% satisfied for any reason just email for a full refund. You have nothing to lose.

The course is now closed. Join the waitlist to be notified when it opens.

In 2020 do you want to feel in charge of your homeschool day or still be struggling in the chaos? Only you can decide. Don’t wait. Build better habits – today.