If you are anything like me you are always on the look-out for a good book to read to your little ones. We love a good story with rich or funny pictures. I have a number of online sources I use for book recommendations, but I tired of constantly returning to various websites looking for new titles. I decided that I wanted to compile a reading list into one document. Then I decided since I was going to the trouble, that I should just make it a pretty checklist and share it with everyone else.

So without further ado, here is Once Upon a Time: A List of Read Aloud Ideas for K-2. My part of this project simply involved compiling titles from my favorite web sites: Teaching the Classics, Institute for Excellence in Writing, Five in a Row, and Angelicum Academy. The genius behind the selections is all theirs. I will take credit for the genius of the little check box beside each title.

A few notes:

  • This was quite the undertaking, and the electronic sorting process I used grouped all of the titles starting with “the” under the Ts. This aggravates me to no end, but not enough for me to go back and manually sort them. So there you go. If it really bothers you, I am sorry.
  • If you find a mistake, please let me know so I can fix it. Once again, many books, few brain cells.
  • Finally, I do have a grades 3-6 book list in the works. Hope to have it up here soon.
Pam Barnhill

Pam Barnhill

Pam is the author of The Your Morning Basket Guide and Plan Your Year: Homeschool Planning for Purpose and Peace. She also is the host of three popular  podcasts -- The Homeschool Snapshots Podcast, Your Morning Basket, and The Homeschool Solutions Show. She lives in the Deep South with her husband and three kids, where she is the go-to lady for great curriculum recommendations or a just a pep talk on a rough day.