Your Morning Basket Plus Orientation

Watch the orientation video

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Use these timestamps to help you find specific parts of the video:

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[0:52] Log-in, bookmark Hub, cookies
[2:10] Event calendar views, settings, subscribing, time zones
[3:50] Community platform
[5:20] Release schedule and what plans will be released this year
[6:04] Text reminders and emails
[7:00] The Vault for Annual Subscribers, plans, lesson plan lists
[9:09] The Hub and navigating around the subscription
[10:00] The discount page – USE your discounts!
[11:00] Event Replay page, how to navigate
[12:33] Morning Time methods for parents
[12:55] NEW Your First Morning Time Course
[14:20] Breakdown of the parts of the HUB
[14:49] Instructions for Monthly Subscribers
[15:13] Inside a set of Morning Time plans and the resource page
[17:03] Morning Time Bites
[18:49] Live Events and how to access them
[19:22] Lesson plan lists
[19:55] Morning Time planning forms
[20:20] Replay curation – recent and seasonal

Two paths to Morning Time

We have actually designed the Your Morning Basket Plus subscription to be used in a couple of different ways (and you may think of even more!). Watch the video below as I explain and then download the resources.

If you want to follow Path 1 and use a complete set of plans click here to go the The Hub or here to go to The Vault to choose your set.

If you want to follow Path 2 to Morning Time you can download your Morning Time planning forms by clicking here. Then head back to The Hub (and beyond!) to explore all of your Morning Time options.