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I have been searching for a way to display my latest scrapbook pages to a small audience without having to go public with them on the digital scrapbooking websites. I am testing out Blog This! to see if it will suit my purposes. So this is a test…

I recently completed a Scrapbook Retreat weekend with three of my friends. We started at [9:00] Saturday morning and stopped at noon on Sunday. I was able to finish 21 pages in that time, bringing my grand total to 51 pages so far this year. (Yes, I did sleep some during that time.)

This page shows O’s first time on a swing. Obviously, it was a big hit.

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  • isk8r says:

    So how did this work with the digital stuff? Was this a formal thing, or just a get together at someone’s house thing? Did you just bring your laptop? Hmmm, maybe that’s easier to cart around than all the paper products…

    …but I still want to touch everything!

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