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Mornings are tough.

What an understatement. You stumble out of bed only when someone is prying at your eyelids demanding food. Three hours later, the kitchen is still a mess from the kids’ breakfasts, you’ve had two cups of coffee but haven’t eaten anything, and not only is school not started for the day, but you have no clue what you are doing first.

You want to change things, but those online challenges are all telling you that you must set your clock for an ungodly hour and exercise right after waking. As if.

You don’t need more guilt.

Morning routines don’t have to require super-human will to be effective. A few quick, simple habits can get your homeschool day off to a consistent start. Even if you get out of bed only minutes before the kids do.

The Minimum Viable Morning Guide is the simple plan that helps you get your homeschool day started right. Figure out your best wake time. Never miss bedtime again with my simple trick. Learn how to want to get out of bed and start your day. It’s all inside with five simple habits. All goodness and no guilt.

You’ve got this.

Imagine a morning where you not only know what’s for dinner, but also exactly what each child will be doing for school that day. Imagine feeling well-rested and ready to face the day because you remembered to go to sleep on time. Imagine actually wanting to get out of bed. Now stop imagining and make it a reality.

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