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Homeschooling shouldn’t be drudgery.

You wanted to homeschool so your kids would love to learn.

Instead you find yourself spinning too many plates at once and checking off lists all day. Your kids are unmotivated and just a little bit whiny. There’s no joy in your homeschooling and just getting started everyday takes heroic effort on your part.

It’s not the way you imagined it would be.

  • What if you had time each day to turn their hearts to God through prayer and Scripture?
  • What if you could build family relationships by learning together instead of separately?
  • What if you could simplify your day and still have time for the things you want to learn?
  • What if you could wake up each morning and look forward to learning with your children?
  • What if the solution was starting your day with one simple practice?

When you begin your day with Morning Time you begin your day doing the things your family loves.

You have more engaged learners (and a more engaged mom) and the most important things never get pushed off a checklist.

A step-by-step guide to creating a time set aside for the most important things in your homeschool.
  • Learn the five benefits of Morning Time and the positive impact they will have on the education of your children.
  • Understand the 4Rs and how to use them to create a simple plan to make mornings the best part of your day.
  • Discover the best and easiest-to-use resources for each subject to take the guesswork out of what you should include in your Morning Time.
  • Learn how to plan a Morning Time and my no-fail method to beginning a Morning Time habit that sticks!
  • Get answers to your burning questions including what to do about wiggly kids, multiple ages, and how long should you spend each day.

Don’t waste another morning spinning your wheels. Get to the most important part of your curriculum right away.

  • Annie says:

    I just want to say…THANK YOU. I’m savoring every word that I’m reading in your pdf. This is exactly what I needed: a concise, well-written description of morning time that pulls from, references and supports all the authors, blogs, podcasts, printed books and other sources I’ve been trying frantically to follow. It’s finally all starting to make sense in my head. No small feat! Thank you thank you thank you for taking on this project and sharing your knowledge in such a helpful way!

    Now to start putting it all into practice!

  • Amy says:

    We’ve been doing our own version of Morning Time since my kids were tiny, but this has really helped me get more organized and think about additional ways that we can use MT as the children get older. It was useful for me to see the snapshots of how other families do MT, and the resource list is awesome! Thank you!

  • Stephani Speers says:

    Amazing! The resource list is just what we were looking for! Thank you!

  • Jenny B says:

    I had been doing Morning Basket for over five years before finding this kit. It has helped me both to recall the purpose of Morning Time and organize my plans for a continued successful Morning Basket in our homeschool! This was the refreshing resource I needed to keep persevering with MT despite the daily challenges.

  • Amanda Vines says:

    Pam is the queen of practical. She takes great ideas/ideals and asks, then answers the question, “But how do I do that, sucesssfully, on a Monday morning?”

    Morning time/morning basket/circle time/ family learning is an idea that’s been around for a while in several iterations spread by moms one on one or on blogs or forums for years.

    What Pam does, is take the idea and give us a roadmap. Step-by-step she leaves you through the why, if you need that, and then the how, little by little, until you have a full-grown gathering time in which your family can grow closer while celebrating and learning truth, goodness, and beauty.

    I recommend this resource to any homeschool family, new or veterans.

  • Shannon Leon says:

    Worth every penny! This is a step by step guide to Morning Time and all the forms you need to get started. There are endless resources and support included. I find myself going back and using new things all the time. Morning Time is something that is working for us and my son loves it.

  • Jennifer Bly says:

    Before I discovered Morning Time, our mornings were chaotic. Morning Time helped us ease into our day and built a treasured routine for my family.

    I was nervous at first… thinking this would be one more thing that I would try and then neglect after a couple weeks. However, Pam’s gradual way of building morning time into your day/plans made it a success!

    My girls look forward to Morning Time and it’s my favourite time of day.

    Thank you so much! I joyfully sing the praises of Morning Time to whoever will listen. <3

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