Traveling Through the Pages Summer Reading Adventure


It’s summer!! And summer means that it’s time for the Traveling Through the Pages Summer Reading Adventure. We are so excited to bring you this fun summer reading program of printables, books, ideas, and helpful tips to encourage kids to read all summer long.

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Download our free summer reading program. Read more about the program here. Looking for something wonderful to learn with your kids this summer? Be sure to check out our companion Morning Time plans here.

What’s included:

The TTTP Reading Passport: This is the heart of the program. There is a back and front available if you want to print both and make a booklet, but you can also just print one side and hang it on the fridge. It is based on a  “BINGO” concept.  Have your kids complete the squares and mark them with a sticker, date stamp, or a big ol’ X made with a crayon. When they complete a row, they win a prize. Have them complete multiple rows or go for a total blackout (what a wonderful summer of reading that would be!).

Reading Rewards Tickets: Write in which prizes are right for your family. When your child completes a row on his passport, he gets to pick a prize!

Reading Log: Are you tracking books read this summer for school or other reading programs? Maybe you just want a record to save. This is the form for you! You can also offer a prize for number of pages read, so record those here as well. There are two versions of the reading log. One has a space for your child to write a one-sentence summary of the book. The other just records the books read. Print the one you like best.

Reading Bucket List: How many reading locations can you check off this summer?

Bookmarks: Print on cardstock and laminate if desired. Fun!

Certificate: Something fun to present when the program is done.

Coloring Pages: Fun!


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