Project Snapshot {Week 6}

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Welcome to Project Snapshot

In this space we endeavor to capture a memory with camera, just words, or both. Share a memory from your week that you do not wish to forget — a laugh with a child, a moment with a spouse, a memory gathered while alone. In time we will have a collection of memories to treasure.

My Snapshot

This guy right right now is so cuddle-y, so kissy, so sweet. So demanding, yes, but all that other too. He tells me, “You’re cute, mama.” I

Project Snapshot: Your Turn

Now it’s your turn. If you do not blog, feel free to share your memory below or use the hash tag #projectsnapshot on your favorite social media outlet so we can find you there.

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  • Chris says:

    So love this….
    He reminds so very much of my now 11 yo son! When he was a toddler, every so often he'd just stop what he'd be doing, playing in the yard, climbing something at the park, finger painting and come running over to me to give me a hug! He's still very cuddly…I can;'t believe he has not lost the “little boy” snuggles……
    What an awfully cute little honey you have !!

    Thanks for hosting, Pam!!
    God bless!

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  • So Much Forever says:

    Oh that is so sweet! I bet that just melts your heart every time.
    My boys are cuddly and lovey too and I hope it lasts forever.
    Thanks for hosting, Pam! This is fun!

  • Cheremere says:

    What a great picture of him, such a cutie!! And mine are still lovey and cuddly and I LOVE that 🙂 Happy Monday to you.
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  • edsnapshots says:

    Thanks everyone. He is such a cute snuggle bunny. Of course he has to be — self preservation for all those *ahem* tough times.
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