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In this space we endeavor to capture a memory with camera, just words, or both. Share a memory from your week that you do not wish to forget — a laugh with a child, a moment with a spouse, a memory gathered while alone. In time we will have a collection of memories to treasure.

My Snapshot

Weekend mornings are such a treasures. I awoke this morning to Thomas jumping up into my bed saying, “I’m hungry! Hungry, I tell you!” Which turned into snuggles with him sandwiched between Matt and me.
At breakfast the kids discussed the Lego Movie and birthdays which led to everyone drawing a picture of what they want their cakes to look like this year and then snapping a photo with my phone. Olivia wants hearts, John a Skylander portal, and Thomas a sword cake. And they want me to make them all, and they all want to help.
Then there was the sock-skating. We began watching the live short dance from the Olympics, but it soon became apparent that the show in the living room was much more entertaining than the show on TV. Coach John taught a class that included twirls, holds, and even a lift or two. 2026 here we come! I sure hope sock-skating is an Olympic sport by then.

Project Snapshot: Your Turn

Now it’s your turn. If you do not blog, feel free to share your memory below or use the hash tag #projectsnapshot on your favorite social media outlet so we can find you there.



  • Lisa says:

    Sock skating, I love it!! What did you think of the dance? I loved LOVED the team from Spain!! Also loved Chock & Bates & felt they belonged behind Virtue & Moir before the final group. Felt Bobrova & Soloviev & Cappellini & Lanotte belonged after the Spanish team…Watching final group now. 🙂
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  • Lisa says:

    …And all I can do is just shake my head at Davis & White, throughout their entire performance. Wow. Just amazing. Also thought Ilinykh & Katsalapov were good.
    My recent post 100 Things to See or Do at the State Fair – Scavenger Hunt & Free Download!

    • edsnapshots says:

      The dance has been the best so far and I had to watch the Davis and White performance more than once. In fact I thought all of the American teams did well. I can't wait until tonight!
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  • Cassie says:

    Love it!
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  • emsestuary says:

    I can not see your picture.
    Booo. BUT – I love the thought of it… and that makes me smile.
    We are enjoying the olympics as well.
    Have a great week.

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