Recent Oliviaisms

  • Scissors are known as “queezers”.
  • You have to sit on your “BA-bum” when you are on a chair or the couch.
  • If you drop something on the floor, you might say “weeps”
  • And today while she was taking my blood pressure with the cuff in her new doctor’s kit, I asked, “Well, doc, how is it?” Her reply. “Eight o’clock!” There ya go.



  • Laura in MO says:

    How cute. I love little ones phrases. 🙂

  • Ginger says:

    Yes, I am very behind in my blog reading.

    I simply LOVE toddler-speak! I did write down some of what my kids said when they were little, but not all the funny ones. When my family brings something up, I need to write it down before “old-timers” catches up with me!

    When Joshua was little, he loved tools. He would take a little measuring tape and would measure EVERYTHING and then would say, “Fordy pounds.” Olivia’s “8 o’clock” was along the same lines and gave me quite a chuckle.

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