Create A Homeschool You Love

Hi, I’m Pam. I’m here to provide simple solutions for your homeschool. I’ll help you handle the big things so you can enjoy the little things.

Create A Homeschool You Love

Hi, I’m Pam. I’m here to provide simple solutions for your homeschool. I’ll help you handle the big things so you can enjoy the little things.

Create A Homeschool You Love

Hi, I’m Pam. I’m here to provide simple solutions for your homeschool. I’ll help you handle the big things so you can enjoy the little things.

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Planning Forms Mini-Kit

Get my mini-kit of essential planning forms to help you get started creating a homeschool you love.

Homeschool Struggles Are Real

You didn’t realize it would be this hard. Secretly, you just knew that they would love learning and spending time with you each day. You didn’t expect the tears over two-digit subtraction and the dragging of the feet every. stinkin’. day.

Below you’ll find our best resources to tackle those big homeschool challenges.

Homeschool Planning

Work less, do more, and put your
homeschool on auto-pilot with our
step-by-step homeschool planning secrets.

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Morning Time

Enjoy your homeschool again and build
connections with delightful whole-family

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Consistency Bootcamp

Avoid the perfectionism trap and lose the
guilt as you build habits that help you
homeschool with ease.

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Recent Posts

Children are not problems to solve

I remember vainly sifting through the vendor hall at the Great Homeschool Convention searching for something - almost anything - my very social, very dependent-on-me 4 year old daughter could do independently so I could work with the other children uninterrupted. I...

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Six Ways to Baby Proof Your Homeschool

“Love is a battlefield,” at least according to Pat Benatar. But, I think many would agree that love in the form of homeschooling is a battlefield as well - especially when a toddler or baby are added to the ranks. We, however, need more than dated eighties dance moves...

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Even Preschoolers Can Memorize Things!

If you follow a classical learning approach, the concept of memorization is already near and dear to your heart. But even if that style of learning isn’t your cup of tea, memorizing is one of the best tools you can introduce your little preschool sponges too! Did that...

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From Our Community

This is our fourth week of using the Fall plans and I cannot adequately convey what a TRUE blessing they have been. They have added joy to the routine! They have added beauty! I am actually getting some music appreciation and picture study in regularly! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Thank you for sharing your wisdom and organizational gifts with people like me.

Amy Borland

I wanted to tell you how thankful I am for YOU and all that you do to encourage, inspire, and make me laugh (seriously, your Facebook posts are the funniest on my feed)! You have made this young mama and beginning homeschooler feel less overwhelmed and I’m thankful for all the work you put in to make super helpful resources for everyone!

Diane Beckham

Consistency Boot Camp in the spring followed by Plan Your Year over summer break was the perfect combo to set us up for our most productive AND most enjoyable homeschool year yet. I feel like my joy and confidence in homeschooling have been restored. Pam’s influence is right at the top of my biggest blessings and biggest impacts for 2017.

Sarah Bergren

Pam’s website and podcasts are one of the first I recommend to new homeschoolers. They are a treasure trove of tools and information that anyone can utilize to add truth, goodness, and beauty to otherwise sometimes monotonous homeschooling days. The invaluable and practical takeaways I have gathered from Pam over the years have provided a spark of joy in our homeschool. There is something here for everyone!

Sunni Dallas

I cannot overstate how revolutionary simple consistency has been in our homeschool. I am happy to report that so far, this is our best year yet! Praise God! We don’t homeschool in a vacuum. Support is instrumental. Thank you for being part of my support.

Kara White

I am loving, loving, loving your emails!! We have incorporated many of your ideas into our mornings, and it has changed our entire homeschool feel! The kids are so much more relaxed and “together” (and so is Mom!). A hundred thank you’s and hugs.

Jennie Thompson

I am now beginning to feel refreshed and ready to tackle planning our summer!!! Each time I receive an email from you, I am excited about what I will learn today! I just wanted to thank you. You are a God-send and I am incredibly grateful to you and your heart to bless and help other homeschool moms who are at a loss.

Stephanie Bee

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