I have been working on challenge pages mostly this month, and I can’t post those until the month is over. Today, however I put together this little page about a train ride the family took when O was about six weeks old. I bought some REALLY cool photo actions that create all kinds of B&W and Color variations on your photos. I am loving them so far. That is how I easily (one click) turned all of these photos to B&W and sepia. I really like the way this one turned out with the vintage photo frames and the rusty letters for the title.

Journaling reads:
Not long after Olivia was born, we decided we needed an outing as we were beginning to go a bit stir crazy with the doctor imposed “no crowd” rules for our newborn. We decided a trip to the Florida Gulf Coast railroad would be a safe getaway for all of us. A small operation, the railway still had some neat diesel engines and a short train ride in some vintage rail cars. It was a fun day, and Olivia got to experience her first train ride at the ripe old age of one month old.

Page count for this month is up to eight pages! I hope to be caught up with my “events” pages by the end of June. I think future goals would be to have Olivia’s Two Year album finished by the end of August all the while keeping up with John’s stuff. Then I would really be “caught up”. How fun would that be?!

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Pam Barnhill

Pam Barnhill

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