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7_quick_takes_sm1PinYes, I WON a saintly giveaway, but be sure to read down to quick take 7 where I HOLD a saintly giveaway of my own.

1 — Ohmygarsh. We are in the middle of Birthday Week here — three birthdays, six days, right in the heart of Lent. Matt and I knew our birthdays were six days apart when we married, but we never dreamed one of our munchkins would arrive over two weeks early to plant himself betwixt us.

We kicked the week off with Matt’s not-so-big-anymore (because we have both reached the age of “no, not ANOTHER birthday”) day and the four-year-old writhing on the floor at 7:00AM wanting to know why Dad is going to work on his birthday and crying hysterically for a bouncy house. Yay (can you feel my excitement).

John’s birthday was better (for some reason the 4yo didn’t expect a bouncy house for that one). I think now we are past John’s birthday, I am not even going to mention that mine is next week. At my age it is better forgotten anyway.

2 — But if I could have anything that I wanted, it would be for the cleaning lady to come back. Not that you asked, I know, but I’m just sharing. Just in case you were curious. I would love it if she came back permanently, but would be ecstatically happy with one visit. No one has asked me what I want, though.


3 — I have been battling some super-sickness all week long. Started Saturday night. I kind of got to nurse it on Sunday (don’t get me started on why Mama can’t get any rest), felt better on Monday and pushed it way too hard, and then was flat on my back without a voice on Tuesday.

Seems like you are supposed to rest when you are sick. Not sure who made up that crazy rule, but apparently you don’t get to be better unless you do it. So I have been trying — kind of.

4 — So part of my pushing way too hard on Monday night was our classical mom’s book club. We were discussing Fahrenheit 451, and I am so glad I didn’t miss it. If you have not read this one since high school you really should. Among many other interesting points, the book reminds me of the importance of the classical model of education.

Consider the conversation between Montag and Faber where Faber is explaining what three important things were missing from their future society:

“And the second?”


“Oh, but we’ve plenty of off hours.”

“Off hours, yes. But time to think?”

Which brings to mind Dr. Perrin’s writings on leisure as the basis of education.

And then there is the community of outcasts who have chosen to memorize entire books to preserve them against loss. Speaks to the importance of memorization even in a world where information is at our fingertips 24 hours a day. Read it again!!

5 – Look at what we got in the mail this week!!

Seven Quick Takes and a Saintly Giveaway | Everyday SnapshotsPin

Seven Quick Takes and a Saintly Giveaway | Everyday SnapshotsPin

We were so excited to win our very own copy of Saint Felix and the Spider from a giveaway at the lovely beauty of the picture book blog by Divina. Autographed by the illustrator, Lydia Grace Kadar-Kallen no less.

Seven Quick Takes and a Saintly Giveaway | Everyday SnapshotsPin

Look at that beautiful Alabama Yellowhammer she drew just for us! We have been glancing through and chatting excitedly about the pictures and the homeschooled artist who drew them. The illustrations are beautiful.

Seven Quick Takes and a Saintly Giveaway | Everyday SnapshotsPin

Sadly, I have yet to be able to read the book to the kids due to my lack of voice. Soon, we hope. Be sure to check out the publishers website as well for a page of information about the birds included in the book.

6 – Have you been looking for a way to organize your to-do list and your day? I am joining up with Mystie Winckler (yeah, the gal who taught me how to keep my counters clean) for a new venture called Simplified Organization Hangouts. On the last Monday of every month we will be chatting organization, technology, and getting things done for homemakers. This month the topic is using Remember the Milk to manage those to-do lists. We would love to have you join us live and add your questions to the hangout event room. We will do our best to answer those on air. If you can’t join us live, then a recorded version will be available. Be sure to put it on your calendar and check us out.

Remember the Milk Hangout | Everyday SnapshotsPin


7 — And now the one you have been waiting for! The nice folks at Saint of the Day for Kids have given me FIVE codes for free copies of the app to share with you! You remember this cool app I reviewed a couple of weeks ago, yes? We are loving this addition to our day. To win your very own copy of the app simply share the contest on Twitter or LIKE Saint of the Day for Kids page on Facebook. Let’s spread the word about this awesome app. Once you Tweet and LIKE, be sure to enter using the Rafflecopter widget below so your entry will be counted. The contest will close Tuesday at midnight, and I will be back Wednesday to announce the winners.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

And leave me a comment letting me know which favorite saint you can’t wait to read about in the app and why. You don’t have to do that to enter — it’s just fun to give a shout-out to our favorite heavenly intercessors. And you never know, you might just introduce someone to a new saint.

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