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The third interview in the Ultimate Guide to Homeschool Methods was a delight to record. I loved chatting with a new friend, Margaret in Minnesota. blogs about her beautiful life with seven kids at her blog — Minnesota Mom where she focuses on family, faith, and lots of love.

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Links and resources from today’s show:

Audio Notes

The minute and second mark to find the following topics.

  • 4:45 What Margaret gets from her curriculum provider and how specifically they support her homeschooling.
  • 8:39 Margaret talks about juggling multiple levels of students and combining them to best meet her needs.
  • 9:36 Margaret tells us what most influenced her decision to go with a complete curriculum provider.
  • 11:31 Margaret talks about her philosophy of education.
  • 12:15 What a typical day looks like in Margaret’s home.
  • 13:24 Margaret talks about being overwhelmed with the requirements of her curriculum provider and what she does to solve that issue.
  • 17:00 Some of Margaret’s favorite homeschool books and resources.
  • 18:01 The importance of real-life and online friends for homeschooling support.
  • 19:25 Margaret talks about how using Seton has prepared her kids to enter private school in grade seven.
  • 20:24 Why Margaret thinks school at home is the best way for her kids to learn.
  • 21:19 Margaret talks about reading as a family

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