Wow, I can’t believe that seven weeks has gone by already. Seems like just yesterday we brought this little guy home. He has already grown so much too. He wore the outfit in the largest photo above on Saturday, and it was a perfect fit this time. It won’t be long before he can’t wear it at all!

I am determined this child not to get behind on my month-by-month pages. Olivia’s were pretty elaborate, and I had the insane idea to list something about her for each month of age she was (i.e. Eleven things about Olivia at eleven months). It got pretty tough to come up with a totally new list of even more items each month – especially since I did many pages after the fact and didn’t keep the greatest records. *blush* I think this format will be much more mommy-friendly. I will just change out the colors, photos and copy each month. This month’s journaling was written in personal ad style, but I may change it up each month to be any kind of copy found in a newspaper.

Journaling reads:
Cutie pie male seeks long-term relationship with loving family. This blue-eyed, dark-haired charmer likes snuggling, breastfeeding, and sleeping – yet is somewhat of a night owl. Serious expression hides affectionate nature as desire to be held close demonstrates. Admits to being mildly demanding and vocal when in need. Vitals are 9 lbs 1 oz and 21 inches tall.

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Pam Barnhill

Pam Barnhill

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