Oh yes I did!

I have not done one of these posts in the longest time. I hope you guys don’t mind a little personal interaction.

And you don’t need me to tell you that today is September 11. Never forget and hold your babies close, guys.

Now where to start…


Dog News – We got a third dog! I know, I know. My sister-in-law contacted us last Thursday with a pug they had rescued from a less-than-ideal home situation. She sent this really cute picture that made the girl a little hard to resist.

Minnie the Pug

“Minnie” as she is known has been here since Saturday and is fitting right in. She is a super-sweet girl.

Our other pug, Elvis, is showing some major signs of jealously, but I think he will eventually adjust. He doesn’t seem to love Minnie as much as Ginger, our redbone coonhound. (Keeping all these dogs straight?)

Ginger the Coonhound

Speaking of Ginger (photo by Tina Richards), Tuesday night she took off across the yard after some critter in the dark and managed to break a hind leg in two places! She had surgery Thursday morning and is doing better. She should be home in a few days. We have been missing her greatly.


What We’re Reading – I recently enjoyed a biography of Olivia Beaupré Miller (of the My Book House fame). I got it through interlibrary loan. It was an interesting look into the life of the woman who spent her life choosing literature for generations of children. (Tease: It’s research for an upcoming post.)

Right now I am (slowly) reading The Awakening of Miss Prim. Not too far into it at this point, but enjoying what I have read.

The kids and I are loving The Prairie Thief as our current read aloud. That Melissa Wiley sure has a way with a chapter cliffhanger.


Trust the Process — If you remember Jimmie Lanley and I chatted about trusting the process of homeschooling back in episode 15 of Homeschool Snapshots. I have been reminded lately of how right Jimmie is.

Last year I was still scribing everything for Olivia for writing class at co-op. I despaired that she would be able to tackle a writing assignment on her own. This year she is not only writing her co-op drafts completely by herself, but also writing pages and pages of her own creations (fun ones too!). This makes a mama happy.


Do you Periscope? It’s fun!– I have been having such a fun time with a new Periscope show each day. It’s called the Homeschool Snapshots Show and we chat homeschooling, what’s been on the podcasts lately, and whatever else is on my mind. (Scary!)

I try to hit about 3:15 central time every day (sometimes that flexes because of life) and there is a fun little community building. If you follow me on Periscope at @edsnapshots you will get notified when the show is on. If you miss it, you can find the replays on Katch.me. Here is a recent ‘scope

We’re pretty chatty in the beginning (that’s the community part I was telling you about) so the real homeschooling info starts at about 5-minutes in. You can drag the circle over at the bottom to fast forward if chatty isn’t your thing.


It’s Fall Ya’ll — My favorite time of year despite the fact that we only really get psuedo-fall around here. But I am going to paint pumpkins with my mom next week, we have pulled out the college football decor, and I have started thinking about soup recipes. Tomorrow’s high? 78. A veritable cold front for September. Color me excited.

This is one of our favorite soups, but we are also big chili fans. I also want to perfect a good butternut squash soup recipe this year. Do you have one you love and are willing to share?


La-la-la — I have to sing the praises of this lady right here. Gretchen Louise is my website, trouble-shooting, coding ninja. My email wasn’t working right earlier this week — she fixed it even when the help-desk couldn’t. Now if you email me using any of my @edsnapshots addresses the email will work!

She also talked me through a hosting change and made the blog front page pretty after I changed to a static homepage. In a word she is awesome.


What We’ve Been Up To In Pictures

Treehouse Quick Take

Treehouse construction has begun in earnest. This is actually the base of the old swing set that got felled by a tree in a storm last spring. It will be part of the new treehouse construction. I hear there will be a zipline. I am not sure how I feel about that.

Thomas Quick Take

Thomas and friend (from The Land of Lockhart) learning about circuits at our Scholé Group.
Cowboy Quick Take

We studied cowboys in history class, so of course that meant we had to try our hand at roping a “steer.”

John Quick Take

The big boys studied circuits by making their own telegraphs. (Yes, they really worked!) Next enrichment week they will learn Morse code and send each other messages across the room.

Elvis Quick Take

Sorry Sarah, maybe dogs don’t need as much help Teaching from Rest. Or then again, maybe it has the desired effect?

You guys have an awesome weekend. I am linking this up with Kris’ Weekly Wrap-up and Mary’s Collage Friday. Check ’em out and see what everyone else is up to.

Pam Barnhill

Pam Barnhill

Pam is the author of The Your Morning Basket Guide and Plan Your Year: Homeschool Planning for Purpose and Peace. She also is the host of three popular  podcasts -- The Homeschool Snapshots Podcast, Your Morning Basket, and The Homeschool Solutions Show. She lives in the Deep South with her husband and three kids, where she is the go-to lady for great curriculum recommendations or a just a pep talk on a rough day.

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