Slave to the Schedule

I am a very regimented person. I love schedules and order and find that schedules free me instead of limiting me. But sometimes these days I wish I could be a little less regimented.

My routine is important to me. I makes me feel good and function well, and I know that it does the same for my kids. We aren’t clock-watchers by any means. We let our natural rhythms of hunger and tiredness rule the day when it comes to deciding what to do when, but everything pretty much has fallen into a similar pattern from day to day. I take these patterns into account when I plan outings and activities for us to do. I am ready for some more flexible patterns.

I am ready for a day when I can wake at [7:30] and have 30 minutes to an hour to myself before my kids stumble out of bed. I am ready to say, “Let’s go to town!” and not have to worry about fitting the trip in between naps and meals. I am ready to plan a fun event that may take four or five hours to complete, and us be able to do it without a meltdown.

I know. I need to enjoy these times while they last. John is likely our last baby and precious days are slipping by that we will never see again. I really do stop often and remind myself to savor these moments. But, that doesn’t stop me from anticipating some of the joy to come in the future as well. Right now a little spontaneity would make me more joyful.



  • Momlissa says:

    I am so with you on this. I tend to be extremely scheduled as well, both out of preference and necessity, and wish I could just wing it at times. One can dream. I was thinking the other day how I haven’t “slept in” in years. It’s just not something in my vocab. Ah, well, could be worse.

  • Laurie says:

    I’m totally at the point where I wish I had a schedule that would include keeping M home from daycare. I just couldnt do it with all 3 yet and I miss M being home. Any suggestions that might make mothering 3 at home with a schedule would be great. I do hear you on being spontaneous and not living around naps etc. I’m doing that with feedings… LOL someone is always attached to me…

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