Homeschool Resources – When You Don’t Know Where To Start

[circle bg=”#9bbf5b” text=”#fff” url=”#page_new”]I’m new and need help knowing where to start.[/circle]
[circle bg=”#107CD6″ text=”#fff” url=”#page_plan”]I want a homeschool plan that works with my day.[/circle]
[circle bg=”#0466bd” text=”#fff” url=”#page_joy”]My homeschool needs more joy.[/circle]
[circle bg=”#ffffff” text=”#0e3b5a” url=”#page_morning”]I struggle getting my morning off to a good start.[/circle]

“Successful homeschooling doesn’t begin by searching the internet and making a list of all the things you can do. It begins by searching the faces across the breakfast table and making a list the things they need.” – Pam Barnhill

Help! I’m new to homeschooling.

Are you homeschooling for the very first time either with a very young child or one you have had to pull from school? Here are a few resources to get you started.

Five Things Every New Homeschool Mom Must Know

Why Do You Do What You Do, Homeschool Mom?

The Ultimate Guide to Homeschool Methods

Best Tips for Creating a Homeschool Daily Schedule

I want to create a homeschool plan that will work for my family.

Have you struggled with your homeschooling in the past, always feeling like your days never live up to the plans you make? Are you constantly tweaking your plan instead of doing it? You just need the right plan.

Warning Your Homeschool Plan Isn’t Going to Work

The Most Important Person in Your Homeschool Plan is Not Your Kid

How to Avoid These Six Homeschool Planning Pitfalls

Ten Steps to the Perfect Homeschool Plan

Vision and Goals as Tools of Success (FREE webinar)

I’ve lost the joy in homeschooling.

So you’ve been homeschooling a while and you do, “okay,” but honestly you (and your kids) have lost some of the joy of homeschooling. Where is the time for all the extras, the beautiful things, you wanted to do when you first started homeschooling? You can find the joy. Start here.

Morning Time and How It Can Change Your Homeschool

What Is Morning Time: A Podcast Interview with Cindy Rollins

Why You Shouldn’t Start Your Homeschool Day with Math

Why Your Homeschool Needs Morning Time

Don’t Make These Morning Time Mistakes

Ugh! I hate mornings (and they hate me).

Do you struggle with getting your homeschool day started? Yeah, me too. Here are some things I have found that help me get the day off to a good start.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Peaceful Homeschool Mornings

Why You Shouldn’t Start Your Homeschool Day with Math

Why Your Homeschool Needs Morning Time