Summer Reading Recap Week 3Pin

This is part of the Traveling Through the Pages Summer Reading Adventure. If you haven’t downloaded your printable goodies it is not too late to get started!

Summer Reading Recap Week 3Pin

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The Story Goes On: Book Series Kids Love Host Your Own Kids' Poetry TeaPin

The Story Goes: Book Series Kids Love

Have you ever started a story and then never wanted it to end? Me too! Summer is the perfect time for exploring a new book series to hook your reluctant reader. See our great list of suggestions here.

Host Your Own Kids’ Poetry Tea

This tea party was just so much fun. We invited a few guests, made some fun food, and enjoyed sharing poems. From the youngest to the oldest, a good time was had by all. I will be honest, I don’t hostess events often because I am afraid of all the extra work, but with all the guests bringing a dish to share and using decor we had around the house, this was an easy event.

Read this Week

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Doggone Feet! – Such a cute tale with a bit of a surprise ending and a wonderful message. We get a dog’s eye view of all the happenings in a growing family. Loved it! (Can you tell we are dog lovers here?)

Scaredy Squirrel Makes a Friend – The humor and illustrations to this one are just a hoot. The squirrel is a wee bit obsessive compulsive as he plots to befriend a goldfish, only to end up with an unexpected, but even better-suited friend.

Unicorn Thinks He’s Pretty Great – Apparently we are going for the ones that make us laugh this week — and this one did! Unicorn is awesome (he can make it rain cupcakes). Goat is jealous. Jealous until Unicorn points out all the reasons Goat is so great. (Unicorns can’t make their own cheese, you know.) The book also prompted a later conversation about which pack animals made the best mountain climbers — go figure.

Reading Around the Web

Free or Cheap Audible Audio Books – Mystie shows us how to get professional recordings of classic books for free or next to nothing from Audible. Such a great resource. From that list we have loved Alice in Wonderland and the Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

Creative Book Storage Solutions – This post is a feast for the eyes. I love all the ideas for storing and displaying children’s books.

Paperback Swap – Looking for an inexpensive source for books? Paperback Swap is a great resource. I have been using it for years. It works like this: you list books you no longer want or need and are willing to swap. Someone requests one of your book and you pay to mail it to them, earning yourself a credit. You then can use your credit to request a book from someone else — and they pay the postage on that swap. Genius!

Fifteen Wonderful Quotes About Life From Children’s Books – For fun.

Giveaway Winner!

Traveling Through the Pages Week 2 RecapPinAbby Carpenter is the winner of her very own copy of  You Can’t See Your Bones With Binoculars from Blue Apple Books. Yay Abby! Blue Apple will be sending out your copy to enjoy really soon. And thanks Blue Apple for supporting our program. More giveaways coming soon.