It tickles our appetites!

Morning time is both the appealing appetizer and the decadent dessert of our day! I love how it sets our moods, getting us ready for the rest of the day. It tickles our appetites! It feeds beauty in our souls and gives us so much joy together.

It is just my 9yo daughter, Sara, and I together and it has certainly helped us get established in moments that build memories. She loves poetry (we are using IEW – just started it a week or so ago) and Shakespeare (utilizing Ludwig’s phenomenal book).

I love that I can tailor it to what we are studying in our CC community as well as pull in things we discover on our beloved tangents! Recently, after learning “Ooey Goey,” we started a whole little study on WORMS! I pulled in the Chrisitan Liberty Press nature reader (great section on worms in one of those gems), ran to Wally World for come Canadian Nightcrawlers, and we were off.

Thank you so much for all of the inspiration, support, and ideas. Your articles are often timely, bringing encouragement to my soul when I get weary.

Michaella Humphrey