Fun Touch Typing Course for Kids

I received this program for free and was compensated for my time. I was not required to write a positive review and all opinions expressed are my own.

As classical homeschoolers handwriting is a pretty big deal around here. We learn to print neatly, and then we practice cursive from about second grade on. I firmly believe in the importance of writing as a skill and continuation of a dying art.

Touch Typing Course for Kids - Type Kids

As a tech geek, graphic designer, and writer on the other hand, I also firmly believe in the importance of learning to type. I never took a typing course in high school and was slowed down for years because of lacking that skill until I finally learned. My husband, who has worked with computers for over twenty years now, still hunts and pecks with three fingers. This was a skill I wanted the kids to learn.

Enter Type Kids, a touch typing course for kids. I love that Olivia is learning to touch type and getting consistent practice. Olivia loves the pirate adventure, stories, and games that come with this program. Everyone is happy.

Touch Typing Course for Kids Overview

Type Kids contains a fun format with lessons and exercises, a compelling story, games, and review. As students work their way through the exercises they earn coins and unlock games. They also unlock new pieces of the pirate story and earn badges.

Olivia says that her very favorite part of the entire program is the story. The pirate story is narrated with sound effects and a number of cartoon-type drawings. She likes watching a new part of the story after she completes each lesson.

Touch Typing Course for Kids Hand Position

Olivia also likes earning badges for things like frequency of practice, accuracy, speed, and lesson completion, and earning coins with each lesson to play games.

My favorite part of the program is the letter review. If Olivia needs additional work on a letter, we can enter the review area where there is a brief instructional video and then an exercise to practice that letter. I also like the progress reports I receive every time Olivia completes a lesson.

Finally the program is adaptive to Olivia’s ability. It changes to require additional practice on letters she is struggling with. I like that she is getting the practice she specifically needs

How We Use Type Kids

There are thirty lessons in the program, so I do not expect Olivia to complete a lesson a day. We have found that shorter practice sessions work best, so Olivia’s assignment sheet has her completing one exercise, or part of a lesson, each day.

She also is free to then play any games she has earned or watch (and re-watch) the story animations once her exercise is done for the day.

Fun with a Touch Typing Course for Kids Pirate

The program also contains instructional animations that explain things like proper typing posture and finger positions. I require Olivia to watch those when they come up before her exercise. I make sure that she says each letter out loud as she types it to help her retention as well.

All in all Type Kids is a solid touch typing program for kids. With diligent practice students will improve their speed and accuracy at typing as they complete the 30 lessons to program offers. The best part is that they will enjoy doing it while they play games and enjoy a fun story.

Click on over to Type Kids and try out the first three lessons for free. I think Mom will be happy with the solid instruction of the course while the kids are happy with the fun.

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  • Lady Lilith says:

    This looks great. Typic is so important as everything is digital.

    • Pam Barnhill says:

      Yep, though I feel like I type much more with my thumbs these days than the other fingers. 😉

  • So, I totally blew off the idea of teaching my kids to type ….. now I’m thinking I might need to add it on the summer list. Looks like fun!

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