Traveling Through the Pages Week 1 Recap

This is part of the Traveling Through the Pages Summer Reading Adventure. If you haven’t downloaded your printable goodies it is not too late to get started!

Traveling Through the Pages Week 1 Recap

Traveling Through the Pages Posts

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In Other Reading News

Ok moms, I am issuing a challenge to YOU! My friend Yulia and I decided this week that not only would we encourage our kids to read through the pages, but that it would be fun to do it ourselves.

So we each printed our very own copy of the reading passport and have been discussing book options to fill our squares. We jog together three times a week, so between gasps for breath, we have been offering each other book suggestions.

So far I am reading:

Pride and Prejudice (on my phone) — This will fulfill the “classic”  square.

The Innocence of Father Brown (on audio book) – This is for my classical moms’ book club and will let me mark off the “mystery” square.

The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry: A Novel – This is the reading circle selection for the local library and recommended by my friend Tara. I am hoping to finish and make it to the discussion next month.

What about you? Are you interested in setting a great example and having some reading fun? I am thinking a mani-pedi is a good “reading reward” for moms this summer.

Read this Week

Back to the kid lit front. This week we have found some fun reads to enjoy.

Winnie-the-Pooh — Intrigued by the conversation and recommendation in the Read Aloud Revival podcast, I snagged the audio version of Winnie the Pooh for a road trip this week. I have to admit this is the first time I have ever read it. Laugh out loud funny at times. The humor in this one is smart and for a much older crowd than what it is usually recommended. It is a tough read, but a good read aloud version (get the Peter Dennis version!) makes it a wonderful summer addition. The kids have loved it.

Pigs to the Rescue – Oh my this one was FUN. Those crazy pigs are all over the farm trying to help with the broken tractor, the stuck kite and even the sick rooster! And then there is the twist at the end that had us rolling.



The Hound Dog’s Haiku: and Other Poems for Dog Lovers – Dogs! Poetry! Woodcuts! What is not to love? I thoroughly enjoyed these. I am not sure the kids “got” the whole haiku thing, but they loved the dogs and the pictures, and listened to every word without complaint.



Mr. President Goes to School – Such fun! Totally improbable, but the kids loved the absurdidty of it all. The President visits his old grade school and learns the important lessons all over again (not even going to offer commentary here on how much better the world would be if grade school was still really like this). Pay close attention to expressions on the face of the Secretary of State as she is asked to bring milk and cookies and play the Hokey Pokey — a hoot!

One More Thing

And I will leave you with an enjoyable look at facts you probably didn’t know about some of the most endearing children’s books of all times. Hat tip: Imagination Soup. If you can’t see the video, watch it here on YouTube.

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Happy reading!




  • Meghan says:

    Hey Pam! Thanks so much for the awesome reading program resources. I have mine all printed off and ready to show my girls. Also, I’ve been thinking about Winnie the Pooh. We currently have it playing on an endless loop in the car, but it is the “dramatized” version with many readers, including Judi Dench and Finty Williams. All of us are completely smitten. However, I’ve read here and elsewhere that everyone loves and recommends the Peter Dennis version. Is an audiobook read by one person superior to a dramatized version…perhaps it leaves more to the imagination? Or does it not really matter?

    • Pam Barnhill says:

      I think you do what you like! We LOVE both the dramatized version of Narnia by Focus on the Family AND the single-reader version by Dr. Christy Hart from Under the Grapevine. Neither is right or wrong. Dramatized versions are usually abridged in some way — leaves some parts out or makes a small change here or there. Decide if that bothers you (it doesn’t us) and then go with it — or do both! Your Winnie the Pooh version sounds wonderful. Not sure anything with Dame Judi Dench could be bad.

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