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Welcome to the Eight For Each State US Geography tour. I am so glad you are joining us.

Our state study is trucking right along. We finished up Wisconsin this week and are excited to travel to California next. Our US Geography tour has added so much to our homeschool. We all enjoy exploring new foods, learning about exciting places to visit, and all the different cultures that have made our country unique.

US Geography Wisconsin FeaturePin

Wisconsin, the chef’s hat, is full of surprises. One of my favorites is how that state got its nickname, The Badger State. Read on to find out!

1. B is for Badger by Kath-jo Wargin

PinB is for Badger is a part of the same collection of books we have been using for most of our US Geography tour. We love these books. They are expected each Monday when we begin our studies.

We use a number of nonfiction books throughout the week as we explore each state. For Wisconsin we used Wisconsin, the Badger State by Amy RechnerWisconsin Hello U.S.A by Bratvold. In the past we have used Wisconsin Facts and Symbols by Emily McAuliffe for Sara Joan’s notebooking pages from Enchanted Homeschooling Mom. These notebooking pages are great for beginning readers. 

2. Effigy Mounds

Effigy mounds abound in Wisconsin. There are more effigy mounds here than any other state. These mounds were built by Native Americans in geometric or animal shapes. The purpose of these mounds are unclear, however, they are quite beautiful to look at.Pin

  • A picture gallery from the Wisconsin Historical Society – There are so many pictures here to look at. Spend some time browsing for the best.
  • Native People of Wisconsin by Patty Loew – While not all about effigy mounds, this book has a couple of good pages explaining what they are and how they came to be. It also looks to be a great book about all the Native American’s from Wisconsin.
  • Make your own mini effigy mound. Ruth enjoyed making a bird outside in our sand pile. What animal will you choose? Why?

US Geography Wisconsin Scrapbook PagePin

3. On, Wisconsin and Other State Songs

PinOn, Wisconsin is familiar tune for anyone who has ever played in a marching band or watched high school or college football. Enjoy this rousing tune with both sets of lyrics!

4. First Radio Station in the Nations

The University of Wisconsin played an instrumental part in the formation of radio broadcasts as we know them today. The history behind the development of radio stations is fascinating.

US Geography Wisconsin Radio PagePin

5. Famous People of Wisconsin

Ruth was thrilled to find many famous people she knew from Wisconsin. Read a biography, do a project or simply mention one or two of them, our favorites.

  • Frank Lloyd Wright – We went in depth with Mr. Wright for our Illinois US Geography study because he had his Oak Park studio in Illinois. Click on over to see the amazing project we did!
  • Laura Ingalls Wilder – Another historical figure we have already covered in our Missouri US Geography study because Laura spent most of her adult life there. However, she was born in Wisconsin. So, if you missed out on the Missouri study, click back and have some fun with Laura Ingalls Wilder.
  • Marguerite Henry – No wonder Ruth was excited. We covered the works of Marguerite Henry in our Maryland US Geography study. Mrs. Henry wrote many horse stories about Assategue Island. She was born in Milwaukee.

USA State Study Notebooking PagesPin

6. Wisconsin Map Work

I thought it would be fun to do some quick map work with Wisconsin. This is a good way to become more familiar with the state we are looking at. Great for when you feel like you are glossing over geography in your US Geography study for more entertaining options such as food and activities.

First go to Enchanted Homeschooling Mom and download the free Wisconsin pack.

Print out just the map page if that is all you would like to do. The rest is fun, we don’t do it all, but I like the coloring pages for Sarah Joan.

Grab some colored pencils and begin! The idea is to get a general idea of the geography of Wisconsin. Do not worry if things are not exact.

  • Place your pointer finger on the bottom line of Wisconsin, inside the state. Right above your finger, towards the middle with red, draw a star. This is Wisconsin’s capital, Madison. In pencil, write Madison or just an “M.”
  • On the very left, just above your finger begin with blue to draw a river. Draw across and gently upwards until you reach just above Madison, then turn north. In the curvy way rivers go, continue north to the edge of the state. Label this river the Wisconsin River, or “WR.” Trace Wisconsin’s western boarder in blue and label it “Mississippi River” or “MR.”
  • With blue, write “Lake Michigan” or “LM” to the east of Wisconsin. With blue, label “Lake Superior” or “LS” to the north west of Wisconsin.
  • On the western edge of Wisconsin, just under the bump, draw a log house in brown. Label this “Pepin” or “P” for Laura Ingalls Wilder’s birthplace.
  • Look again at the Wisconsin River. Where it turned north, in green mark “Wisconsin Dells” or “WD” to the east of the river.

 B is for Badger: A Wisconsin Alphabet (Discover America State by State)Pin Wisconsin: The Badger State (Exploring the States)Pin Wisconsin (Hello U.S.A.)Pin Wisconsin Facts and Symbols (The States and Their Symbols)Pin Native People of Wisconsin, Revised Edition (New Badger History)Pin Fantastic Facts About Badgers: Illustrated Fun Learning For Kids (Volume 1)Pin

7. Cheese Tasting

Wisconsin is the top dairy producing state in the country. It is also famous for its cheese. To celebrate our Wisconsin US Geography study we decided to have a cheese tasting. I tried to find cheeses with the Wisconsin seal to be authentic, but in the end, it doesn’t really matter, just choose a variety.

We used our cheese tasting as an appetizer before dinner, but you can use it as a snack too. Everyone found something to like and dislike at our cheese tasting.

US Geography Wisconsin Cheese TastingPin

8. The Badger Sate or How Wisconsin Got Its Nickname

Now, the moment you have all been waiting for! How did the Badger State get its nickname? If you have read B is for Badger, then you already know the answer.

PinDuring the 1800’s, miners dug shelters in the hillsides for shelter. They would live in them through the winter, just like a badger in his den. People started to call these miners, “Badgers.” The name stuck hard, not just to the miners, but eventually the entire state!

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