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To help out your homeschooling efforts 

 Family Lesson Plan List Package

It is an uncertain time and you may have been thrust into having to do school at home with your kids with little to no preparation.

Homeschool families have a secret we want to share to make your school days easier. We often pull our kids together and learn using the “one-room schoolhouse” model. 

Our family lesson plan list packet is the perfect way to bring all your kids from elementary and up together at one time to study delightful subjects they will love. We have put together this special package for you with lessons for math, art, music, nature study (aka science), history, poetry, and current events discussion.

We are also adding our lists of ideas (four pages!) for how to learn organically without a curriculum, plus two months of current events discussion and fun learning activities.

It is a wonder-filled, easy-to-use packet that will make learning with your kids enjoyable. Plus we will continue to send email support and ideas for as long as you need us to.

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