We’ve been doing Morning Time for over a year now, and it is not hyperbole to say it has transformed and revolutionized our school. Sometimes we just read aloud for an hour from 4 different books, some seasons we follow one of the Morning Time plans, and I made my own loop schedule for us this year.

We enjoy Morning Time because we all learn together. THAT was the key for us. When the kids finally realized I was learning with them and not “teacher” it transformed us all. We talk about books, movies, and art differently.

They are familiar with Shakespeare and poetry. Memorizing Shakespeare and hearing it come out of them at random times, pushed me to have us all start memorizing scripture! I mean if we can memorize the Bard we can for sure hide God’s Word in our heart. Scripture memory has always been my bugaboo in my Christian walk and now I have co-memorizers that LOVE to help me out when I can’t remember.

Basically, Morning Time has added the joy back into our schooling, AND we still get the essentials done.

Christa Gregg