When making it from scratch isn’t good enough

Somehow over the years I have become the pie cook for our family holiday gatherings.
When Making It From Scratch Isn't Good Enough
I would like to think it is because I make the best pies. More likely it is because my mom thinks there are always other deserts around if I happen to ruin the pies. If I ruined the cornbread dressing? Well that’s another story, isn’t it?

You can listen to this post:

My secret to perfect pie crust? I buy it from the little doughboy in the freezer section — two frozen 9″ deep dish at a time.

What I have come to learn from years of making pies is that scratch is not always better.

Yes, I can hear your protests now.
  • Homemade pie crust can be so delicious.
  • It is so buttery and flaky.
  • My mom’s recipe is the best.
  • The key is to chill your butter very cold.
  • Do you know they put (insert unhealthy bad food substance of the week here) in those store-bought crusts? (It’s once-a-year pie, y’all. I’ll give you a minute to think about the irony here.)
Here’s the deal. I am all about DIY as long as what you are DIY-ing gets done.
But if making it from scratch equals procrastination, missing out on good things altogether, letting people down, or undue stress that makes you lash out at your family, then it’s time to embrace the frozen pie crusts.

Now let’s replace pie crusts with Morning Time plans.

How are those coming along for you? I know when you first found out about this Morning Time thing you were excited and wanted to give it a go.
Some of you have found your groove. (Go, Mama!) Others of you might be limping along. And there is a good number of you who desire the beauty, relationship and learning you know Morning Time can bring to your home, but simply haven’t been able to make it happen.
It’s ok.
Doing something new isn’t always easy. Building a daily habit can be downright hard.  The good news is, we’re here to help.

Embrace the pre-made Morning Time plans.

These plans are a life-saver, a time-saver, a sanity-saver. No, they weren’t made by you, but they’re excellent, and they help you get Morning Time done with minimum stress and effort.

The plans are a steal for the hours of work we save you in selecting memory work, poems, prayers, music appreciation, nature study, books for reading and so many other lovely things. 

And we have so many topics to choose from — preschool, history, seasonal and more!

We make them easy to use with two printable schedule options, book lists, a resource web page and more.
Add to that, we come along beside you for your entire Morning Time journey. Our annual subscribers get access to webinars, video tutorials, bonuses, and our free Facebook group of supportive moms who are all doing Morning Time.
It’s better than pie. (Calorie-free too.)

Free Homeschool Morning Time Plans



  • heather says:

    I had no idea there were “pre-made Morning Time plans.” Wow. I definitely want to find out more.

  • Elaine says:

    My sister is a professional chef, and she uses premade pie crust. I have a teaching certificate, and I have no problem using prepared plans! I’m so glad you do the work for me.

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