YMB #23 Seeking Truth in Literature


As a child Christin Ditchfield devoured the Chronicles of Narnia over and over again. As an adult she found that she kept returning to the truth’s found in Lewis’ work for guidance. As a result she created the Family Guide to Narnia, a book that highlights the Biblical parallels in the works, to help families see the connections between Narnia and Scripture.

Today she is on the podcast to chat with us about Narnia, what we can learn from stories, and easy ways for us to discuss the deeper meanings of literature in our Morning Time.

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  • Sarah Mast says:

    I am reading the Narnia series (in the order it was originally published) to my kids for the first time and they are Loving. It.! So glad to be passing along some of my heart’s favorites to my kids! Can’t wait to listen and get more tips.

    • Pam Barnhill says:

      We need to read it again around here. Olivia has listened to them over and over but it has been a few years for everyone.

  • I look forward to listening in to your podcast, Pam! We enjoy A Christmas Carol 🙂 I’ll be digging in soon to catch up on all your episodes.

  • Elizabeth Hafferty says:

    I can’t express how much I enjoyed this podcast. It was very insightful. Great discussion! Thanks for accepting my suggested guest. We JUST began series this week. I couldn’t be more thrilled.

    • Dawn says:

      We love listener requests here. Thanks for making one! I am a bit behind on my listening, but I’m looking forward to these December casts! -Dawn, Community Care Coordinator

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