YMB #24 A New/Old Look at Memory Work: A Conversation with Kevin Vost

by | Your Morning Basket Podcast

In this episode of Your Morning Basket we talk with Dr. Kevin Vost about the virtue of studiousness and the value of memorization. In this fascinating conversation, we are introduced to memory methods taught by church fathers that can help us today.

In the fast paced, information overloaded world we live in today we sometimes loose sight of the value of holding information in our own heads. Dr. Vost encourages us to work our memories because it is our past memories that guide our future behaviors.


YMB #24 A New/Old Look at Memory Work with Kevin Vost

memory-work-recordBasket Bonus YMB 24

Click here to get the Basket Bonus for episode 24, a memory work log for your Morning Time binder to keep track of all of the pieces your family has memorized.

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