YMB #31 Dawn of the Digital Morning Time: A Conversation with Lynna Southerland


Sometimes I have a love/hate relationship with technology. Yes, I know there is bad in some, but also that the good in others parts far outweigh those bad things. I love the world that is opened to us because of the technology we have access to.

That is why I loved finding Lynna Sutherland. This mama has created a Morning Time that focuses on Truth, Goodness, and Beauty — and it’s almost completely digital. I think you’re going to get some great ideas from this one!

YMB #31 Dawn of the Digital Morning Time with Lynna Southerland

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  • Lindsay says:

    I liked this a lot and can relate to many of the strategies. I think one concern of “overusing” technology that was not mentioned is that some people feel that technology is addicting (because of chemicals set off in the brain during technology use) and overstimulating (even good technology). I agree that many of the activities that Dawn spoke of can assist group interaction as a opposed to hindering it. Thanks for this podcast. Curious if you, Dawn, have ever taken the Myers Briggs test? Your personality seems a lot like mine but I have trouble settling into a “type.”

  • Andrea Kirk says:

    This was really helpful. Even though I don’t enjoy using technology and prefer to use books whenever possible, I have a whole homeschool on my smartphone via apps, audiobooks, websites, playlists, etc. The digital resources available now are so numerous it’s overwhelming!

  • Elli says:

    Hi! Where is the basket bonus for this episode? It’s not on the page with all the other basket bonuses. Excited about checking it out! Thanks!

    • Dawn Garrett says:

      Hi Elli, The Basket Bonuses are now on each page. There’s a graphic just below the links where you can enter your email address and it will magically appear. Hope that helps! Dawn Garrett Community Care Coordinator

      • Elli says:

        Got it, thank you!
        (I must not have seen that–maybe because I tried it first on my phone? Then I got the email asking me to confirm so I could have access to the basket bonus page. Anyway, got it now. Thank you!)

  • Rebecca says:

    Can Lynna please offer a little more guidance on how she uses the veritas press course as a whole group? I asked about the course on another forum and the responses I got indicated that that would be much to challenging especially because of the games and each child wanting to play the games. I would love to here some more details about how she makes it work for her. The grading portion of the program does not matter at all to me, I just want to know about using it as a group all at once. Thanks!

  • Sarah says:

    I can’t seem to get the link to the basket bonus to work, is the link still active? Thanks!

  • Sarah says:

    Never mind, I just got it to work, sorry and thank you so much for all the awesome podcasts and resources!

  • Jennifer Drury says:

    I love that there are other moms using tech as a morning time tool! A couple of resources we love:
    1. Classics for Kids podcast, short (6 minute) bios of composers, explanations of terms (what is a concerto?), and samples of great works.
    2. Storynory, for readalouds in the car or when my voice is tired. We love the poetry and Aesop’s fables.
    3. Classical Conversations app. We don’t do CC as it doesn’t fit our family’s schedule, but after a decade teaching in a classical school, I love much of what they do. The app has all of the memory work, complete with songs and pictures. I also buy the Acts and Facts Science cards from CC, and the questions and answers are reviewed here. It was so much easier to have all of this in the app rather than on paper.
    4. New City Catechism app. This catechism was adapted from the Heidelberg and Westminster Catechisms. The free app also includes suggested Scripture readings, short prayers, and devotional commentary, as well as kid-friendly songs designed to help children memorize each question and answer. The songs are really catchy and well done.

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