YMB #35 Specials Needs and Morning Time: A Conversation with Meghan Dempster


We love to say that Morning Time is for everyone from toddler to mom. No matter what your age, you can always take something from the subjects in Morning Time. This week Meghan Dempster is here to emphasize that message and add to it. Morning Time is beneficial to everyone no matter their abilities and needs as well.

Meghan and I chat about how Morning Time can help kids with special needs as well as how to meet some of the unique challenges that come with doing Morning Time with special needs kids. It’s a lovely episode.

YMB #35 Special Needs and Morning Time with Meghan Dempster

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  • Jessica Runyan says:

    Love this episode!!! I know Meghan personally. She is such a jewel and one of those mommas that you literally just glean from or text yourself notes from whatever she is talking about so you will remember later. Such a treat for you to interview her! I am going to look up Follow My Leader and put some fidgits in my Amazon buggy today!

  • Danielle Wood says:

    Such an encouraging interview with so many practical tips to add to morning time! This podcast applies to those without special needs too. Just all around helpful advice and ideas. Thanks for sharing your homeschooling wisdom! PS We ❤ Ralph Moody’s Little Britches series too!

  • Anne Gripshover says:

    This was such great practical information for everyone! I am so thankful I listened. We have small children just beginning preschool homeschool and I felt like there were so many gems shared. Meghan’s quick tips on dry erase visual and out of the box fun ways to accomplish tasks were outstanding. I appreciated her candid insights into what is truly important in teaching our children. Please have her on again to discuss ideas for early learning.

  • Karen says:

    This podcast with Meghan was time well spent! As a busy homeschooling mom with special needs children as well, I feel I have lost sight of the heart of why we homeschool. Allowing the 3 Rs to push out the beauty of art, music and reading aloud, I needed to hear Meghan’s wise and practical advice to get us back on track…with joy!

  • Miriam Slack says:

    Loved the podcast! Enjoyed the tone of the chat, felt like I was sitting across from a friend sharing coffee and tips for richer homeschool days. Meghan just drew me in… Thanks!

  • Paige Von Hagen says:

    So much of what Meghan said resonated with me as a homeschool mom. Morning time is my favorite time of the day, and I was encouraged to get some new ideas to incorporate into my routine. It is so true that if you focus only on a struggling child’s weakness, they will lose the joy of learning.

  • There! I gave my bathroom a good scrub and was inspired by this podcast all at the same time! Score!!! Thank-you, Pam, for all the time and effort you put into these podcasts. I have been enriched over and over again as I listen and think about how to implement Morning Time into my homeschool day. In the past, I have started my school days with things like a read-aloud or singing and Bible-reading and a bit of memory work, but I have never used the time for other things, so I am in the process of thinking about what I would like to do in the coming school year, and your podcasts and blog give me a lot of food for thought. Again, thanks…and God bless!

  • Rebecca Beck says:

    What beautiful ideas to make morning time fun! One quick thought, you might look at nutrition. I have been amazed at how healing food can be. Two things to look at are GAPS and Healing the Symptoms Known as Autism.

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