YMB #39 Building Relationships with Circle Time: A Conversation with Kendra Fletcher


One of the earliest books I purchased on homeschooling — way back when my oldest was only four-years-old — was Kendra Fletcher’s Circle Time: Plan the Best Part of Your Day. It was my first introduction to what I would later call Morning Time.

That inspiration is why I wanted to have Kendra on the show today to tell her Circle Time story. I think you will be inspired too.

YMB #39 Building Relationships with Circle Time: Kendra Fletcher

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  • Joy says:

    Wait! Where’s the list of 100 bible verses! lol:) Loved the show- lots of great ideas, and another full amazon cart!

    • Vanessa says:

      Yes! I’m here for the same list (among other treats). I’m new to the Podcast and am loving it! Thank you.

  • Michelle Ott says:

    I am home by myself cleaning, and listening to this episode. Several times I teared up as Kendra shared personality traits and snippets of her years with younger kids. I have an 8, 4, and 3 month old right now. The 4 year old is a blender with the lid off. I have been pondering working lessons into our day that deal with character traits…so many thoughts and ideas she shared touched my heart today. God used this podcast to encourage me and challenge me. Thank you both.

  • Jamie says:

    I’m also looking for the list of Bible verses!

  • Dawn Garrett says:

    Hi everybody … you can find the 100 Bible Verses on Kendra’s site. Dawn Garrett, Community Manager

  • Aimee says:

    this podcast is just right in time for me! Wonderful! THanks

  • Cyndi Newman says:

    Did I miss the list of 100 verses? I really would like them. ?

  • Susan says:

    Thanks so much for your podcast, Pam!

    I tried to use the discount code at Amazon for Lauri toys and it was not accepted. Any ideas? Thanks!

  • Deyna Vesey says:

    Hi, So sorry about Lauri code. Everyone at Lauri wants your experience to be stressless, and we are hoping your family will love our learning toys! For now, try putting in 30LAURI. We will get the 30PAM code up and running asap. And see our world of toys at http://www.playmonster.com/c/shop-by-brand_lauri. TGIF!!!

  • Susan Dell says:

    I was inspired by this podcast to ask my 13 year old son for HIS idea of something interesting to add to our Morning Time Plan. So far, he’s been mostly bored with the plan. He asked to learn about dogs, which is think is a GREAT idea! I’ve been trolling Amazon for “dog fact” books. Any suggestions for how to add learning about dogs to MT?? I’m open!! Thank you. 🙂

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