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This week Dawn Garrett and I are on the show with a very special announcement!

Better Together is a new book all about Morning Time and it is hitting the bookstores today. Dawn and I dish about the book, other Morning Time resources, and how Morning Time is a great fit for every kind of homeschooler. Check it out!

Links and resources from today’s show:

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Key Ideas about Better Together

The practice of Morning Time has been around for a long time, but in recent years, it has taken on new life in the homeschool community. Pam’s new book Better Together: strengthen your family, simplify your homeschool and savor the subjects that matter most is a resource for mom’s who are interested in Morning Time.

There are countless benefits to a Morning Time practice in a homeschool. Some of them include the ability to use Morning Time for combining subjects, building a family culture, strengthening family relationships, building a common vocabulary, character formation and so much more. In Morning Time, mom also has the opportunity to be co-learner with her children.

Morning Time isn’t just for the Classical or Charlotte Mason homeschool. It can also be used in homeschools that are Waldorf, Unschool-y, School at Home, and even as a special time when Dad gets home. If a family feels drawn to the idea of learning together as a family, Morning Time is a perfect way to make that happen.

Find what you want to hear:

  • [5:00] Pam introduces her new book Better Together
  • [8:20] Pam and Dawn discuss the reason for this book
  • [10:45] Pam’s original inspiration for starting a Morning Basket
  • [15:12] discussing benefits of Morning Time
  • [22:45] Pam and Dawn share their favorite part of Morning Time
  • [25:38] Morning Time for all homeschool styles
  • [35:30] mom as co-learner

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