YMB #49 The Read Aloud Family: A Conversation with Sarah Mackenzie

Sarah Mackenzie is on a mission — a mission to help every family know that the importance of reading aloud goes beyond building bigger test scores and better vocabularies. The importance of reading aloud goes to the very heart of the relationships in your home.

Join Pam and Sarah on the podcast as they chat why this is even more relevant to our culture today than it was 20 years ago, practical tips on how to get it done (even with a bunch) of kids, and the books that Sarah and Pam can never agree to like. The gloves are coming off on this episode — don’t miss it.

Links and resources from today’s show:

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Key Ideas about Reading Aloud

Reading aloud to our children is one of the most important things we can do for them. It helps them academically and it helps us to develop deep, meaningful relationships as a family. When thinking about the impact of reading aloud to our kids, we have to take the long view and recognize that consistency is what is really going to make the difference.

Reading books is a safe way to open up conversations for difficult topics with our kids.

Using a trusted booklist is a great way to train yourself to choose great books. But, when you are trying to decide if a book is worth reading and you are not familiar with it you should look at these three things. First, see if the images in the book are engaging you for longer than necessary. Secondly, look for rich vocabulary as you flip through and read a few passages of the book. And thirdly, ask yourself if you want to know the outcome of the story. If all three of those have piqued your interest, it’s probably a great book to try.

Good books have two things in common. They leave you with a sense of hope and they are enjoyed by a wide age range

Find what you want to hear:

  • [3:23] meet Sarah
  • [4:24] why reading aloud is so important
  • [13:35] Sarah’s lessons from reading aloud
  • [18:00] picture books and teens
  • [20:40] Sarah’s three tips for choosing good books
  • [24:30] two things that make a book a keeper
  • [26:45] what makes a book a good read aloud book.
  • [30:10] having conversations about books with kids
  • [35:50] prereading books for our kids
  • [37:35] making book choices harder than necessary
  • [47:00] book suggestions from Sarah

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  • Thank youPinPinPin
    by mrsbeliever from United States

    I take my walks outside two times a day. I enjoy listening to all the knowledge you have on your podcast! I am a mom of 7 and have been homeschooling for 18 years! I’m not a novice but have loved all your advice and input! Thank you for everything you do! I love it!

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    by Lizzie O' from United States

    Pam continues to do an amazing job with this podcast. She is a wonderful host, never hurried, asks great questions and really lets her guest share his/her experience fully. The variety of experience & wisdom here is fruit for the homeschooling community at large. I’ve been listening from day one and this podcast continues to be a top favorite. Thank you Pam!

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    by RachBoz from United States

    I’ve listened to YMB and Pam off and on for years, and she literally changed my life 7 years ago when I was just starting to homeschool. I’m so thankful for her ministry and encouragement to homeschool moms of all ages! I highly recommend doing morning time!

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    by Logandinco66 from United States

    This podcast is amazing and has helped me so much as recovering perfectionist homeschooling mama! Pam gives so much great insight into so many aspects of life and focusing on homeschooling.

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    by lapatita5 from United States

    This podcast has been so great. It’s so practical and encouraging without being overly preachy or narrow. It gives ideas in a take-what-fits kind of way. I have used many of the recommended resources and ideas mentioned and been inspired by many others. Even the episodes that I found less relevant to me specifically, often had tidbits that I could use. Pam’s podcasts, books, and resources have been a godsend to me in my beginning years of homeschooling, helping me discover my own way to teach my kids in a way that prioritizes what is most important to us.

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