YMB #51 Studying Geography Through Literature: A Conversation with Sarita Holzmann


Sarita Holzmann was a reluctant homeschooler but soon came to love it. With a heart for missionaries serving overseas and the people they serve, Sarita has always had an eye towards bringing geography to life using literature.

On this episode of the podcast she joins us to discuss why geography is important and why literature is the best way to experience that. Get your notebooks handy — there is more than one great book recommendation in this episode.

YMB #51 Studying Geography Through Literature: A Conversation with Sarita Holzmann

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  • Sarah says:

    LOVE, LOVE this interview. Thanks for the recommendations. Can you please
    recommend audio stories?

  • Jennifer A Edalgo says:

    This is the first homeschooling podcast I’ve ever listened to, as this is going to be the first year I’m homeschooling my 4 kiddos. Sarah Holzmann was speaking right to me; I just love this whole concept of exposing my kids to diverse cultures and nations through reading aloud. Who knows the discussions that will come or the regions of the world my little ones may feel drawn to??! I have ordered almost every book you recommended from our public library, FREE! Thanks for those suggestions and sure would appreciate any more in the future as well!

  • Sara says:

    I loved this podcast! Thank you so much for making informative podcasts that support our homeschooling classroom.

  • Rachel Rogers says:

    I enjoyed this podcast so much! I’m wondering if the book, “Sweet and Sour Milk” is the same one she referenced in the show? She says Sweet and Sour, and the descriptions are different. Just wanting to find the right book. Thanks!

  • Julie Fisher says:

    I think the book posted for Sweet and Sour is incorrect. It should be Sweet and Sour: Tales from China

  • >